peace & friendship walkers

This is the morning of the 8th day, it was a week ago today that we started this journey, it was hectic and full of emotions.  7 strangers have come together as a family now, we are close and care for each other.  We have travelled a total of 258 kilometres on foot from Listuguj to Trois-Pistoles, Quebec.  Met a lot of amazing people since this journey and had seen the kindness that humanity can share with each other.  We have made many friends along this road and do not want to leave them.  The shear kindness of everyone has humbled us all, for without their generosity we wouldn’t be where we are.  They believe in the cause, they believe in us all.  We have seen hardships but our faith in our journey is keeping our passion and drive alive.  If we only complete one amazing event in our lives; one that we talk about for ages, may it be this journey of Peace & Friendship.