Interrupting The Cycle

The average person thinks about 60,000 thoughts per day, and each day that passes, the average person thinks about 55,000 of the same thoughts each day, every day.  Which creates a routine, and a resistance to change.  This generally starts when we are children, going to school getting us into that routine way of living, with homework to do each night, and in the couple hours of free time, play video games or watch tv, or hang with friends… Then it’s time to get a job in addition to the homework and friends, and school, and before you know it your entire day is taken up and there’s not much free time to do anything else.

Then what happens, is more stress is added to the equation just from the simple daily grind of life, so by default, we automatically develop a negative based state of thinking, which supplements all the activities we’re doing in our lives.  Traffic annoys us, the fly buzzing around the room annoys us, other people, their looks, their attitudes, can annoy us.  Plus we get set in our ways of how we do things, because it’s the only way we’ve ever known, and so we’re closed off from bring open to other perspectives.  So what happens as a result?  We develop anxiety, anti-socialness, sometimes depression, close mindedness, and a lack of an ability to change, because we believe we cannot change, that we’re not capable of change.  Perhaps you think you’re not worthy to change, or worse, that you are too worthy to change.  So no one can help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves.  The next symptom that is often observed is an over active mind.  Perhaps difficulty sleeping, the mind won’t shut up, difficulty concentrating, the mind keeps wandering.  Failed creative abilities, writers block, lack of imagination, inability to communicate the way you want to….All because of an overactive mind.

In school, they teach nothing about the mind.  We have physical education, where we learn how to use our muscles and get exercise and stay in shape.  But there is no class that you go into that teaches you how to observe your thoughts, change your thoughts, reprogram your subconscious mind, and expand your creative abilities.  There’s no class in school for that, instead all the other classes fill the mind up with mostly nonsense that will never be used in a practical way. So many of us become slaves to our own minds as a result, and that creates a docile passive population.  It kills our critical thinking abilities, and for those that do succeed in school, it’s only in one field, giving them a very limited perspective of the world, and really no understanding of it, beyond that field.  This is why psychology is so limited, and really doesn’t understand the human condition to any great degree.  They’re too busy studying the chemicals the brain releases and the effects on the body, rather than understanding how thoughts trigger that release, so what does a psycologist do?  Prescribes pills to those who need help to counteract the chemical imbalance in the brain, rather than helping that person to understand why the imbalance is there in the first place.  So to top it off, we now have a medicated docile and passive population.  So it’s no wonder so many people suffer needlessly from all sorts of addictions and vices.  

An over active mind creates disconnection with fellow human beings, resulting in a lack of empathy, a lack of love, which spirals into negative emotional states often resulting in drug addictions.  Addicts don’t need to be fixed, they need to be loved, and kept in a loving environment. The whole reasons they do drugs in the first place is to take a temporary break from that over active mind.  They’re creating an addiction for themselves, to break their addiction to thinking.  That is the biggest addiction on this planet, it’s not money its not drugs, its thoughts.  So to interrupt the cycle our minds put us through every single day, it’s not that we have to use our minds more to try and change, because that just makes change impossible, it’s that we must use our minds less.  A quieter mind, brings more peace into your life, and when you have even small amounts of peace, you are calmer, more stable, and have more clarity.  The less you use your mind, the easier your life becomes, and the more creative you become as a result!  When you don’t over think things, you see the solution without all the background noise.

60,000 thoughts spread over 86,400 seconds in the day.  Seeing as thoughts take longer than a second to think, that doesn’t leave much room at all, if any, for a quiet mind even for 1 second throughout the day.  That means, you never actually experience the present moment in its raw state, ever.  Thoughts are the veil that has been pulled over your eyes to keep you from experiencing the present moment.  It is inside the present moment where life ceases to be a struggle, and where you feel the most alive.  It’s in the present moment when you have those days where the hours seem to disappear because you enjoyed yourself so much that you forgot time existed.  Every time you come into the present moment, you interrupt the cycle of your mind and get brief glimpses of the freedom, the infinite possibility, beyond the mind.