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NYPD is investigating online threats made against Muslim activist Linda Sarsour

  • On Tuesday, the New York Police Department’s Hate Crimes Task Force announced it’s investigating a threat made on social media against prominent activist Linda Sarsour, the New York Daily News reported.
  • A man identified as Glenn Maccioli asked to find Sarsour’s home location on Facebook so he could “spit in her face.”
  • “This bitch is in Brooklyn,” Maccioli reportedly wrote. “Anyone know where? I would like to spit in her face.“
  • Maccioli reportedly took issue with Sarsour referring to President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as "bigoted peas in a hateful pod.” Read more (2/21/17 7:30 PM)

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Can’t get over their first impressions of each other: Cole finding out that Kj isn’t your typical bro guy, but a really chill Kiwi to hang out with, while Kj went for the cautiously-approach-Cole-sprouse-from-the-suite-life-Disney-fame to lowkey smitten and always trying to catch his attention to 2 peas in a pod camping bros4life evolution

Fast forward a few months later and these two unlikely individuals who didn’t seem like they had anything in common, hit it off and their multiple camping hiking road trip adventures are forever displayed on their social medias lmao

Idiots in Love! (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Charles Xavier had certain mutants at the mansion that he knew to keep his eye on.  It wasn’t hard to tell that you had a knack for trouble.  It wasn’t even so much trouble, as you liked to call it, it was harmless mischief.  

Being a human incarnation of the Cheshire Cat had its perks.  For one, your best friend was Kurt Wagner.  The pair of you went together like two peas in a pod. Another reason was your ability to annoy the hell out of Peter Maximoff.

Everyone on the X-Men team had found it quite hilarious at the fact that you could annoy Peter to the point where even he, couldn’t keep up.  Peter was mesmerized by you. You beat him in races, you out spoke him, out sassed him, and even out nerded him.  Everything about you took his breath away.  No one was able to take anything from the speedster, and that, was what annoyed him about you. You stole his heart.  He thought about it long and hard, ‘Who could steal anything from a kleptomaniac? That’s my thing!’ 

Truth be told, you had developed feelings for the speedster.  His happy, go lucky attitude fueled the fire you had.  The overwhelming energy he gave off made you want to be around him every second of the day, so you resorted to what you knew best. Mischief. 

Peter had also developed immense feelings for you.  As much as you annoyed him, you energized him.  You challenged him to be better.  You made him feel like he could be worth something.  And so the chase began, month and months of the two of you playing cat and mouse.  Peter was not only yearning for your presence, but needing you to be near him.

“What the hell (Y/n)!” Peter exclaimed in mock anger as you appeared out of nowhere. “You can’t keep using your powers to scare me.”

You sat on the rail of the stairway perched almost like a cat, smiling at his distress.

“It’s a free country Maximoff, I can do what I please.”

His heart beat in his chest as you hopped of the banister and made your way towards him.  When you got close enough to him, he was sure you would hear the erratic beat of his heart.  He suddenly decided to make a bold move, using your own words against you.

“Well, does that mean I can do this?” He reached down to place his hands on your hips, pulling you closer to him until there was no more space between the two of you.

Your breath hitched.  You glanced up at him nervously and your confident demeanor faded as he moved a hand up to push the hair out of your face.  Your cheeks lit up like a wildfire indicating your nervousness to him.  You shouted at yourself in your head mercilessly ‘no one can make me nervous. How can this boy make me feel this way?’

Right then and there, he kissed you.  You had never felt anything like it.  It was new and slightly awkward but oddly, good.  Peter eased into it suddenly as you kissed back with more force.

“Peter.” You mumured slightly as you pulled away.

“I called it! Quicksilver really does make quick work.” Jean winked as she shouted breaking the two apart in shock.

“Jean!” Kurt reprimanded the redhead as he stood next to her with his blue arms folded across his chest, shaking his head disapprovingly at Jean’s comment.  “You sound like Scott.”

“That’s not true.” Scott stated.  “I don’t sound like a know it all.”  Jean slapped his arm, smiling at her boyfriend goofily as Kurt groaned.

“You two better not end up like Romeo and Juliette over here.” His thick German accent rang out through your ears as he pointed at Jean and Scott.  Peter was still in a state of fantasy as he stared into your eyes dreamily.

“Huh?” He muttered to Kurt breathlessly.

“Zhis is exactly vhat I mean.” He smiled as he walked over to the professor who Kurt had noticed was watching the scene unfold. “My friends are idiots.” He said to Charles Xavier.

“Ineed they are Kurt.” Charles smiled knowingly at the blue boy. “Idiots in love.”