Cat Purrsday

Hello fam, inspired by yesterday @kenroczen spamming our dash with pics of her cat, I am officially declaring today “Cat Purrsday”.

Submit pictures of you cats, tag me in pictures of you cats, link me videos of your cats etc.

I want to know their names, their personality, how long you’ve have them and all that jazz.

Tag ‘em “Cat Purrsday” or “F1 fandom pets”

Dog owners, don’t worry. We’ll have Dog Barkday soon.

Thank you.

When you’re just sitting doing nothing and all of a sudden you feel a bite

When you realize you’ve just been bitten by your bunny for no reason other than she felt like it

When you’re just so pissed off at her all you wanna do is call her all the names under the sun as well as feeling the sting from the bite and have had enough of her antics

When you realize that her being a bunny is why you can’t help but find her cute so all you can do is just allow her to get away with it b/c she is that cute and adorable but you sit silently seething

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'd like to request takao and his s/o moving in together? Also could they adopt a dog/cat? Thanks!!!

I’m sorry I focused mostly on the adoption of the pet, but I hope you like it and if you want a new scenario with a moving in to a new place just let me know. Enjoy! ^^

“Oh look” you held up the newspaper in front of your boyfriend. “It’s a little kitten looking for a home.”
“And I assume that you want to take care of the little one?” Takao said and raised an eyebrow. “Please? It’s a little kitten Kaz and so cute!” Takao took another sip of his coffee and placed his phone on the kitchen table where you two sat, eating breakfast. “Kaz” you looked at him with puppy eyes. Takao sighed heavily. He could never say no to you, especially not when you looked at him like that.

*A few days later

“Look Kaz, isn’t she cute?” you said, where you stood in the room. You two had finally bought the little kitten and now she explored the new apartment. More stumbling than walking. You were too busy observing your new family member so you didn’t see the loving smile Takao gave you. “I know, just as cute as you” he said and laid his arm around you and gave you a small kiss on the neck.

Pet peeve time: I don’t like it when the whole Bucky-killed-the-Starks problem is glossed over.

Don’t get me wrong, I love WinterIron and this issue doesn’t stop me from shipping them but it still needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. 

Now I don’t think anyone’s gonna dispute that Tony in MCU found out the truth under the worst possible circumstances. It’s MCU after all. But let’s say for a moment he didn’t. Let’s say Steve and/or Natasha sat him down during a calm minute, before that mess with the Accords was ever on the table and talked to him. Let’s say Tony knew the truth long before he was confronted with those tapes, long before he personally met Barnes. Let’s say he had time to work through all of it. Time to to yell and scream and drink, time to read Barnes’ files from whatever Nat recovered from HYDRA. And only after all that, after he’s spent weeks or months with that knowledge, after his initial shock has faded and his emotions have cooled, does Tony meet Barnes in person.

All of that still doesn’t change that Bucky Barnes killed Howard and Maria Stark.

Yes, Bucky was brainwashed. Yes, if he’d been in control he most likely never would have done that. Yes, he’s NOT responsible for those crimes. BUT he is the tool that killed Tony’s parents. Bucky Barnes is the man who killed them. Tony has the questionable pleasure of watching said murder on a TV

Rationally Tony probably knows as soon as he’s worked through the initial shock that Barnes’ can’t be held accountable for his parents’ death.


But emotionally? Is it really that easy to watch your parents be killed on TV and look at that man afterwards and welcome him with open arms? We’re not just talking about Tony accepting Bucky’s lack of criminal responsibility after all. Tony’s not simply expected to not seek revenge- he usually ends up being confronted with Bucky on a daily basis, inviting Bucky in his home, fighting with him side by side. That’s more than just coming to terms with Bucky being brainwashed. That’s more than accepting the man you’ve seen kill your parents isn’t guilty of that crime.

Personally, I think Tony would be incredibly conflicted. I think he’d be wary of Bucky, avoid him when possible, only when he actually spends time with the guy he’s actually pretty interesting and funny and Tony likes him. Which makes Tony feel terrible because that’s the man that murdered his parents, he can’t like him. Which again makes Tony feel terrible because he knows it’s not Bucky’s fault and he knows how much Bucky struggles with carrying that guilt. 

It’s a vicious circle.

And honestly, I’m not sure how Tony would break that circle, how he’d ever progress into an actual relationship with the person he watched murder his parents.

Or maybe Tony gets into a relationship with Bucky without ever stopping to break that cycle of self-loathing for loving the man that destroyed his family.