it’s so unbeliveable to me that I turned 25 today. I don’t feel 25. and since I moved out, this is also the first birthday ever that I spend without meeting any family member of mine. I miss them a little…


day 4 of training for marathon #5 :)

hi from me & my sweaty hair!
today’s workout was yasso 800′s that ended up being a total of 9.15 miles (including warm-up, cool down, & recovery). and they felt WONDERFUL! the repeats actually felt quite easy which is exciting because it’s only week 1 so i can go faster. my knee only bugged me a couple of times which is :) :) :)
after running i lifted some weights and stretched, then had watermelon with minnah (as you can see) and now for icing and rolling.

Lonely kitten.

I’m a lonely kitten/ little looking for a loving caring kind and overprotective daddy. Please be 15-23 years old and please be from North America. My kik is sarah_trinidad


Pet me please

More animal vines here


My bunny tail from kittensplaypenshop has arrived. It’s flawless and I couldn’t be happier! I would like to order custom bunny ears with this, but I swear those poor souls are swamped with holiday orders.
But look at my cute bun! I deserve a pet and cuddle from master. ♡ Thank you so much my dolls. I am very impressed with you work and completely enamored! Love you lots, xoxo