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I am not an insult

“She kicks like a boy!” The children on my elementary kickball team cheered as I kicked a home run.

“You hit like a boy!” My volleyball coach excitedly told me when I tried out for the middle school team in the sixth grade.

“She swings like a boy!” My PE coach yelled, trying to embarrass the weaker boys when I nearly hit a home run my first time playing baseball.

“You punch like a dude!” My sparring partner told me after I hit him so hard in a match that he lost his breath.

No. I don’t. I don’t kick, hit, punch, swing, or do anything like a boy. I’m strong. I’m athletic. I’m powerful. I’m a girl.

I kick like a girl.

I swing like a girl.

I hit like a girl.

I punch like a girl.

I am not an insult.

L'highlight di quest'anno è stato decisamente “Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot”. Quasi ce lo portavano agli oscar ma poi hanno deciso che era troppo bello e non sarebbe stata una gara giusta.


This one was for the knb_69min  on twitter theme TEACHERS.

so here they are,  the GoM as teachers  ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

( click the pic for some small hc+the subject each kiseki would teach )