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I am really loving writing for this blog that my friend Mary started! I wrote about it awhile ago, but we’ve been going strong for over a month now, and I am really appreciating the way it forces me to spend a dedicated part of each week writing. I post on Saturdays, so normally (being the procrastinator that I am) I tend to spend a few hours each Saturday in front of my computer banging out a few hundred words. Having that deadline there as a motivator helps me so much.

I just finished the third part of my telling of the Cooper Spur hike that Eric and I did this summer. I’m really happy with how it turned out although had I wrote it all at one time instead of in three parts, there are surely things that I would change. You can read them all here:

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Lately I have been feeling very TIRED all the time. I feel like I am going going going, and I never quite get anything done. I feel like it is taking all my energy just to maintain the status quo—doing all my laundry, feeding myself every day, cleaning up and maintaining my apartment, answering mail, paying bills, etc. Being an adult is so exhausting!

Work has also been insane the past couple of weeks and shows no signs of letting up for the next week or so. I am traveling to Detroit (for the first time!) tomorrow, and I’ll be there for a couple of days, during which time I will have to do some public speaking, which is probably my least favorite part of my job although now that I’ve done it for the past few years in a row, it is not actually so bad anymore. Regardless, I’ve been so busy that I haven’t really had a chance to stress out about it, so I guess that’s a good thing. 

I started blogging at a group blog called the PDXX Collective, which was created by my friend Mary to encourage more women to get into print. Although the blog is geared towards publishing, that’s not really my schtick, but I am happy to have a reason to write something new each week. I am hoping it will make me a better and more prolific writer. My first post went up on Saturday. 

OK, back to work.

Cheating on my Tumblr

I’ve been blogging a lot in other places (becoming kind of obsessed with Wordpress), and I don’t really feel the need to crosspost too much, but I know that some people just follow my Tumblr, so I thought I would add a few links here:

I’ve been writing a pretty detailed log of my Crossfit workouts the past month or so. It’s really good for me. Most of them I don’t really feel are relevant to anyone except myself, but today I wrote a little bit about being a lady Crossfitter. I’d love to learn more about other ladies’ experiences. If you know of other Crossfit blog written by women, I’d love to know about them!

Another women-focused project: the PDXX Collective. Recent posts include:
A conversation I had with a Tunisian cab driver
Zine recommendations!
Politics as a Portlander

This week I wrote about my writing process (and how writing is hard for me). 

Just in case you’re interested!