Disabled Portlanders could lose SS benefits

PORTLAND – Nearly 1,000 Portlanders in need of help are in danger of losing their social security benefits. Unit 8 discovered a non-profit group that’s supposed to help the disabled is now under federal investigation. But now Safety Net is under a federal investigation. Sources tell KGW the federal investigators are looking into mismanaged money. Unit 8 tried to talk to the people at Safety Net, but as soon as reporters entered the building, they were told to leave.
Safety Net had posted a flier on the window of their office, stating the non-profit will close its doors for good on April 1.“I lost a bunch of money a few years ago, and they say they sent it somewhere and it never received there,” said Frank Howard, a Safety Net client.

Yet another reason to support #pdxsafetynet ! Even with a safety net, people are living on the street, or in this case, under a concrete loading dock in SE Portland. I’d hate to see what our city would be like without a safety net. @isupporttheportlandsafetynet