Title: PDX.ing Dance Cover
Date: September 24, 2012
Location: MVP Basement 


Title: PDX.ing - Haru Haru (Big Bang Cover)
September 24, 2012
Location: MVP Basement 


PDX.ing vocal group’s debut during the Chuseok Festival in Ateneo. :>


PDX.V’s cover of EXO-K’s “Angel”.


My first attempt at a compilation video.


PDX.ING’s dance group for Campus Korea @ Ateneo de Manila University. 


I am so very very tempted to stop reading my 107 pages worth of Political Science readings right now and go to sleep. It’s 11pm and I really don’t want to read anymore because my brain refuses to process anything other than the thoughts of slumber. I’m only 47 pages in and while I gave up note-taking 20 pages ago, I’m still highlighting things here and there..though I don’t suppose it would help me in the long run because the way I’m going, everything is going to be highlighted.

It’s always blogging that I run to when I don’t want to study isn’t it?

I guess I’ll have to kick myself in the face if that’s at all possible pretty soon if I don’t get my grades up. My grades for the 1st semester were horrendous (by my standards) - HOW THE HELL COULD I GET A C+ IN THEOLOGY!? WHAT. WHAT. -and i had to mentally fight myself from curling up into a ball and rolling off my bed and onto the stairs into impending doom.

I would really rather just stop existing rather than having to show my parents low grades.

What is it with Asian kids and high grade expectations?

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER MY BROTHER’S QPI IS HIGHER THAN MINE. Just throw me off a cliff why don’t you. My higher grades were the only thing that I had over him. -le sigh-

Now I’m punishing myself by not going to the Big Bang concert which I actually have the resources and connections for but..gah. Must get a 4.0 next semester!!!!

It’s bemusing how much one can procrastinate in the face of formidable hell. By this I mean finals of course. I won’t discuss the lengths of my laziness here online as I fear I may have my parental units watching over this online space…or worse. My little brother may be reading this.

And if you are, please go away, this is the only part of the digital world where my sanity is kept intact and I would like for it to stay that way.

Back to the agenda at hand, I really wish I could say that I would have more photo shoots lined up soon for sem break but as I’m taking accelerated classes in order to prepare for my leave for Singapore oh my god it’s really happening I won’t have the time nor the energy to. I guess I should start practicing how to be a normal person so I can atleast make a few acquaintances while I’m there. I’m still practicing normal facial expressions in the mirror because my face is eternally in derp mode, I’m surprised my facial muscles haven’t frozen to this state.

I need to study for Philo and Theo orals now but I’m finding it very hard to stop typing because I know that when I do, I’ll have to start facing readings and thesis’, none of which my brain is ready to absorb.

Lord have mercy.

I’ll try semi-blogging again soon. I’d blog more but I can never find the right words. I’m only writing now because I’ve done just about everything I can to avoid starting my studies and this was the last thing I could do…

Panic be gone.

Preparing for my 5-month stay in Singapore next year, I need everything all set but I still have to wait for some packages to fill out and finalize.

Meanwhile I guess I’ll have to focus on keeping my grades up and trying not to bury myself underneath all the pointlessness that is my in-existent daily life. :)

My voice is back.

Though I have to wait till I get sick again to see if it goes away and then I’ll have to get checked. I haven’t talked to my mom about it, she was there with me when the doctor gave the diagnosis.

Meanwhile, I’m getting better. I don’t have a cold or fever anymore and cough just once in a while. Nothing dramatic such as coughing up blood. Ew, that would be disgusting.

So life goes on.

Eversince school started I’ve been a lot more busy doing org work rather than actual school work. My classes aren’t very hard so far and I’m praying that they keep this slow pace they’re in now but knowing how Atenean semesters go, I’ll be caught up in a workload avalanche soon, so I enjoy this little “rest time.”

PDX.ING has a dance gig on Saturday so my MWF’s have been filled with practices, thankfully we’re all doing well. I’ve met some great people through this group and I hope I can become better friends with them soon, seriously, I need people to spazz with.

I’m not sure why I’m so stressed out (oh wait I do, but I won’t tell you because it’s a secret) and I hate myself for not being happy like I usually am. Why do little things affect me so much now? I’m tired.

I’m really tired.

But I don’t want it to stop. I need it. I need to keep living like this or else everything would seem pointless.

In other news, I went to the Derma and my skin’s getting better, turns out I had a reaction to one of the things I was using on my face so my acne got worse. EUUGHHH. But now it’s calming down so yaaay! Ok TMI, sorry.

Ending this post with GV. Thank you for everyone who’s dealt with me lately, I know I can be a really huge sarcastic bitch but thank you for staying with me. I really appreciate it.


P.s. Fifi if you’re reading this, I FOUND YOUR HAT IN MY CLOSET!! Can I keep it? It looks better on me anyways Wahahahaha. Thank youu!