These are slowly popping up in the gentrified neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon. Once the stomping grounds of the Upper Chinook, Multnomah, and other tribes…

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Survivance &


"My wife was an incredible person. She was a leading chorus line member Broadway musicals, a premiere ballerina in Europe and a Holocaust survivor. When they took her father and her brothers to the concentration camps, her mother sent her to live with a Christian family to protect her when she was two. Somehow her mother survived and was able to get her back and raise her. As an adult she got her Doctorate at Stanford and did a lot of therapy work with domestic violence survivors. She helped a lot of people. She’s been gone ten years now and when you lose someone you’ve shared everything with and can tell anything, you really lose a piece of yourself. But I’ve been so blessed in my life with the people I know. I have businesses all around the world and I’ve lived in a lot of places, but I’ve never experienced kindness like I have here in Oregon. When my wife died, people were over at my house cooking for me and taking care of me and supporting me. I’ve always been so blessed."