We woke up to a coat of frost covering the ground outside. I could see my breath freezing in front of me as I stepped out the door and into the cold morning air. The sun was just coming over the horizon, shining through the trees and finding its way to the ground. As I finished taking photos the frost began to disappear, slowly turning to water and falling away from the undergrowth at my feet. → Peter Schweitzer

I took a drive this afternoon to pick up a few things and grab Ramen to go for Cricket. While I was waiting for our order, I climbed the stairs across the street up to the bridge above. As I got to the top I could see out over the river, the light filtering through the clouds, accentuating parts of the city’s skyline so perfectly. There are a thousand different views of our city and I always enjoy finding new ways to look at it.
Peter Schweitzer

Very Important Cat Painting Has Arrived In Portland | Willamette Week

Winter weather delayed the delivery of “the world’s greatest cat painting” and left cat-nipped fans with only a fake in the selfie booth at the Portland Art Museum (the booth did snap 137 selfies at last Friday’s $5 night).

This morning, three days after the intended install, WW received an iPhone snapshot from Museum Publications Manager Ian Gillingham.

It has arrived.

You can now flock to take selfies with the real thing, a 6 by 8.5-foot oil on canvas by Austrian painter Carl Kahler called My Wife’s Lovers. The Museum kindly reminds you that selfie sticks are banned throughout PAM.