Some words of inspiration for @mad_rayn and ALL the @pds.of.pnb as they begin their final week of classes and rehearsals. We know how hard you have all worked and how tired you are ❤️ This is the home stretch! Next Step and Le Corsaire are this Friday and Saturday! Give it everything you have left bears!! Families are flying in to see you and we will all be there to celebrate an amazing year of hard work! #quotes #dailyquotes #inspiration #pnb #pdsofpnb #dancers #instagood

I met @kennethbedwards this weekend while he was visiting from New York and he said he was trying to make a shoot with @mad_rayn work over the busy weekend! Poor thing after over a month of dancing with no day off, staying in pointe shoes even a second longer than necessary was daunting. But she was excited to work with him and they got some great shots! Here is one of my favs ❤️ thanks again @kennethbedwards !! #ballerina #ballerinasofig #balletpictures #dancer #pnb #pdsofpnb #futureofballet #worldwideballet #instadance