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I wonder if Namjoon produced the song himself or if it was someone else at bighit? It's an interesting beat, but i like it. I do wish he kind of lessened on the auto tone, maybe it's just my personal preference, but I'm not a big fan of auto tone in general. But it's still a beautiful song and the lyrics are so sad. I hope Namjoon doesn't feel like this often or anymore, although I have my doubts about that.

Produced by RM
Arranged by Pdogg

Is the description on the blog. I honestly don’t know much about the engineering behind producing and composing songs. For me I don’t hear the autotune but maybe there is bcoz joon isn’t a vocalist? I really have no idea hehe~ If anything, I like how he conveys the feelings of exactly what he wants to say with the amount of singing talent he has. Just like you said he delivers it, and conveying feelings is often what makes a song anyways. So I think he did really well.

Joon always talks about loneliness. His fancafe posts are often always about loneliness. It’s not so much as him being lonely but in a way, he’s just really aware of the ‘not happy’ things in life. Not necessary that he’s depressed, just that joon I feel is always aware when he’s not happy. And he’s constantly trying to achieve that state of happiness while telling himself that probably.. it doesn’t actually exists. So I think, he makes himself aware of these feelings void of happiness so that when he doesn’t feel the ‘loneliness’ he has a guarantee that he’s actually happy.

I’m rambling though these are just what I THINK he thinks and not necessarily the truth. Joon and I are both Virgos so I think I have a view of his psyche sometimes but also not really because if it comes down to it, I really don’t know him. We just know the side of him that he shares to us~

Anyways, he said in the post also that these was what he was feeling a year ago but it’s not what he’s feeling now. He just wanted to share the song and the feelings he placed on it so he did ^_^