pdn magazine

Page, Arizona Night Light.

America. South Bend, Indiana. 

Excuse my french but….I AM FUCKING SCREAMING!!!!!

I have dreamed of being nominated for PDN’s 30 New and Emerging Photographers for years and years now. In fact, I can remember sitting in my academic adviser’s office, leafing through the class of 2006 PDN’s 30 and thinking, maybe one day I will be selected.

And then I got this email last Thursday and sobbed like a baby. I was nominated by Amy Wolff, current photo editor at PDN, who I’ve unknowingly pestered over the last few months: we follow one another on Instagram, I’ve submitted work to Photo of the Day along with entering PDN’s Emerging Photographer contest (which I’ll find out the results about sometime this month) so she’s been seeing my work for at least the last four or so months.

It’s an incredible honor to have been nominated, it feels good to be recognized for such a huge honor. I am excited to have been nominated – that is seriously a huge accomplishment in and of itself!