These four little troopers took home a prize today!  I found out last week that I was a winner in the PDN The Look 2014 contest, but I couldn’t remember which images I had submitted (it was a long time ago!). However, the gallery went live today and it was exciting to see these four still lifes in the Still Life/Accessories category.  I’m pleased as punch.

Check out the other winners (it’s mostly Billy Kidd across the board, but for good reason) here: http://www.pdnthelook.com/gallery/2014/


Our hearts are swelling with pride, because Howard was chosen to be included in the 2012 PDN Photo Annual!

Thanks to PDN, Howard is finally ready to reveal this personal project, “All Look Same,” which explores the influences of celebrity and cultural identity.  

Howard took a fun little business trip to Las Vegas to photograph a group of celebrity impersonators, and then collaborated with the magicians at Sugar Digital to create their Asian doppelgangers.  

You can find Howard’s photo on page 129 of the June issue, or you can see the series in its entirety on PDN’s online gallery of winners.  

Be sure to click to enlarge the above photos, so you can see our hard work up close.


We’re at the PDN Conference in NYC today, and we just spotted Polaroid’s newest camera: the Z340!

It’s like an old school Polaroid mashed up with a ZINK digital printer – that means it prints inkless prints that are smudge & tear proof.

Unlike the original Polaroid, the print doesn’t pop out instantly. You select which photos you want printed. 

Polaroid’s Z340 Camera - Old School Body, ZINK Insides 

Photo via TechRadar

“If there are junk yards in hell, love is the dog that guards the gate”- Bukowski

PDN Online profiles Reportage photographer Diana Markosian and her series “My Father, the Stranger,” about the man she had no contact with for 15 years, until she arrived unannounced on his doorstep in Armenia.

She moved in with him, but her father remained distant, retreating emotionally and physically into his career as a poet, and the other people in his life. “There was absence in his presence. He’d leave before I’d wake up, and come home after I was asleep,” says Markosian, who spent her days reading in her father’s apartment, and occasionally venturing out to shoot assignments from editors back in the U.S. Living with her father “just felt so empty in a way.”

Read more from the article on PDN Online, and view other work by Diana on the Reportage Web site.

Photo by Diana Markosian

Photograph by Tamas Dezo - 2012 Winner, Photo Essay/Reportage

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Winning photographers will receive exposure beyond measure‹their images will be featured in a New York City gallery exhibition this summer (which will have an opening event) and each winner¹s work will published across a spread in the winners gallery in July issue of PDN magazine which will also be reproduced on PDNonline.com

Have your work seen by our expert panel of curators which include: Jen Bekman, Sasha Wolf, Daniel Cooney, Claire Carter, Sarah Hasted and Paula Tognarelli. Each winner will also receive a great prize package which includes a $200 gift-card from B&H.

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“The slums near Manila Bay are unhealthy enough—the Ulingans live next to a rubbish dump,” writes Reportage photographer Lisa Wiltse. “But the rudimentary process of making charcoal in open pits next to the dump site exposes the squatters to even more harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and soot, as well as chemicals from burning treated wood.”

This is the subject of Lisa’s project, “Charcoal Kids,” which helped her earn this year’s Marty Forscher Fellowship Fund for an emerging professional, awarded by PDN and Parsons School for Design. Lisa is a documentary photographer who emphasizes socially disadvantaged communities and ways of living. She has traveled extensively, focusing on documenting everyday life of marginalized people in countries like Bangladesh, Uganda, the Philippines, Bolivia, New Zealand and the U.S. She lives in New York City. See more of her work on the Reportage Web site.

Caption: Boys from the squatter community of Ulingan swim in the effluent waters of the Pasig River in Manila, Philippines. (Photo by Lisa Wiltse.)

Eu fingo quase tudo, não sentir saudades quando na verdade eu sinto; Não estar doendo quando na verdade está. Fingo dormir pra não ter que dar explicações quando me perguntam de você. Fingo muita coisa a todo o instante, mas não fingo te amar, eu não conseguiria, o amor é um sacana, sempre revelando meus estados de estar.
—  Parte de nós

Urban Decay - New York City’s changing face

Really happy to share that I will be posting to the PDN site every Thursday over in the PDN Emerging Photographer’s section. Here is a snippet of the beginning of my first post:

New York City changes and evolves at a rapid pace. In certain areas, changes occur faster than others. Lower Manhattan is one place that has changed the most in the last decade. Development happens fast and the current trends are extremely tall buildings constructed mostly of glass, chain stores and luxury boutiques. In neighborhoods that were once bohemian and home to artists and rebels… continue reading here…



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Deixei a razão de lado, agir por impulso e… confesso, não me dei bem. Você bateu, eu bati, nós dois apanhamos, hoje somos eu e você, dois estranhos vivendo o mesmo céu, o fim geralmente pode significar um recomeço, mas… não para nós dois.
—  Outono. Parte de nós