its that time of the night where i get pissed off that padme died from “”“"CHILDBIRTH”“”“

like fuck she did

to this day i am convinced she died from force related reasons–either a) from bearing two of the galaxys strongest force-sensitives while being a muggle, or b) from being poisoned by the dark side by palpatine even when he wasn’t necessarily in immediate contact with her (thats the kind of sickass sith lord shit i expect him to do gdi)

in whAT WORLD does padme “i am going to fight the entire galactic senate bc they forget i ruled a planet at age FOURTEEN” amidala lose the will to live as soon as anakin turns and dies from childbirth complications in a world where PEOPLE CAN SWALLOW MECHANIC SPIDERS THE SIZE OF GOLF BALLS TO CHANGE THEIR VOICE/GET INJECTIONS TO INSTANTLY CHANGE THEIR ENTIRE FACIAL STRUCTURE AND HAVE NO DEADLY SIDE EFFECTS. WHERE TF WERE YOU WHEN PADME WAS GIVING BIRTH, INCREDIBLE MEDICINE TECHNIQUES.

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF KILLING PDME ANYWAY did lucas realize “oh my god i accidentally created a character who couldve solved all this shit in 5 seconds flat without smudging her makeup, fuck” like?????? ehat was the point??????


Things are going well.

I’m honestly glad to say that things are going well for a change. I’m actually seeing something different in Jorgen. I’m feeling the reciprocated feelings that I don’t usually feel with anyone else. It brings me joy.
Today me and Paige were talking about it, and getting on a deeper level of thought about life and out perspective as opposed to most others. It was nice to get on that level of understanding with her. We do seem to have nice talks about that most of the time though.
I’m actually content.