“Once, I was in the forest, and it was just me and Hank.” Harvey stared off into the distance, lost in thought. Unconsciously, he drummed his fingers against the broad, bony surface of his kneecaps, mismatched eyes, soft, and lidded. Folded up as he was, they were tucked near his chest. A very small, rueful smile stretched across his mouth. “And um, we came upon this dead Murkrow, right? Something must have like, taken it down, and tried to eat it, but, uh, they left most of it behind.“

"I don’t know. It just freaked me out, and I started crying. I don’t know.” The rueful smile was replaced by a brighter one, and suddenly, all the lost dreaminess from before was gone, shaken off and brushed under the carpet. “I don’t think I ever noticed it before, but I think that was right before I met Beatrice! Heh!“