pdl-prettyboy said: [[i am familiar with the film unfortunately haha…]]

[[ I would have been strangely disappointed for some odd lord knows why reason if you of all people haven’t been acquainted with it. //sips my tea. C8 I swear u have the heart of a shounen hero in my books okay ]]

missloon said: Now…I want to see it o.o……


grumpy-boy said: HAPpy early halloween too omg. this is what i get for sitting in the dark all day. sudden terror.

pdl-prettyboy said: [[it was me. i did it. and i’d do it again’]]

[[ yo yo yeah tis the season my brother u are doing october right just don’t heart attack on us or anything.

…sheesh becca, spoil the big surprise, spoil everything why don’t you. That said, erry1 stay away from pretty boy.

//SPOILERS!!!! ]]