A friend of mine shared this on FB and I figured it would be a good idea to share it here as well. I feel that this is a good checklist to start off with if you feel like what the title says. Feel free to customize it to fit your needs as well by adding or removing things.
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The Man With The Longest Card Catalog
Conglomerated Burgers International (CBI) wanted to suppress the truth. Only one man could stop them...

A Menacing Call

     Harold was daydreaming contentedly behind his immaculate mahogany desk when the indignant phone call interrupted him. The caller was livid with self-righteous outrage.

“How dare you threaten our patented and copyrighted burger monopoly ?!?” The caller’s voice seemed to morph into an almost reptilian growl.

“Oh, that’s not all I am doing,” Harold responded, “I am going to tell the public the truth about what is inside your…”  

A Dangerous Mission

     Appearing to stretch out into infinity beneath him, the cavernous interior of the bunker was visible beyond the grating of the ventilation duct. Dr. Haas powered up his digital camera after switching to his long range lens. His deft fingers worked at a cautious pace. His heart beat quickly. As an experienced mountain climber and former paratrooper Haas had no fear of heights, but he was unsure if the cramped duct work would hold his weight. It barely accommodated his trim figure.  

A Mysterious Tome

     The elderly Greek scholar handed him a dusty tome.

“Some fools say this was produced in Atlantis, others confuse the insignia with a restaurant logo,” the old man said.

“The truth will prove to be much more complicated than that I am afraid,” replied Harold.

“I’ve suspected the same thing myself for many years. It is why I have kept these books here in secret. Even though few people could read them and fewer people still would know what they are. Years ago, I happened to…”

The old man seemed to drift away as he contemplated what must have been an unpleasant thought. Harold attempted to bring him back to the present.

“Yes, professor I agree. But now these books must be translated and shared with others.

The old man’s eyes lit up as he regained focus.




Cuando entras en el PDF y encuentras tu nota

I’m suffering from PDF alibi syndrome. The habit of downloading and saving PDFs in the vain hope that one day I will get around to reading them. It’s not a technical problem at all, or one of lack of time, but rather that I’ve been seduced by the lure of information.
—  “PDF alibi syndrome”, Pat Thomson (2015)

2014 Walks

A4-sized PDF, 22 pages, 20 photos.

2014 Walks contains 20 Walk photographs from 2014. Below each photo there’s an online news headline that was published on the same day as the photo was taken. The headlines that are hyperlinked to the online articles, were collected by searching for “walk” and filtering the search results to the corresponding photo dates.

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Procrastinating getting my pencilling done for the day and flipping through my old journal comic from my last 2 years of college. I’ve stayed away from this book for so long while trying to prepare it to be published by a ***~real publisher~*** because I didn’t think I was good enough to do it myself. But like, I am? And y’know what, I’m really proud of this comic and I think it holds up well over the last few years. It might deserve some love from the type of wider audience a “real publisher” could provide, but I think it’s time I just get it out there myself.

Before the end of the year I wanna print this beast of a book (340+ pages!!! damn!) and have copies actually available to people already. Currently it’s available as a pdf on Gumroad for $5, if you’re interested. 

ruebelly asked:

Hey, I know you recommended a great book about identifying and overcoming abusive parents, but I can't fucking remember the title... I just remember it was maybe yellow and was free? I feel like I had a pdf file or something of it... Do you remember the title? I'd really appreciate it. There's a post floating around on tumblr about locking your kids out after curfew & it surprised me what a large chunk still think that's an OKAY strategy for children o_o