Después de ti.

¿Cómo sigues adelante después de perder a la persona que amabas? ¿Cómo se construye una vida digna de ser vivida?
Louisa Clark ya no es solo una chica normal que vive una vida ordinaria. Después de los transformadores seis meses que pasó con Will Traynor, ella está luchando sin él. Cuando un raro accidente obliga a Lou a volver a casa con su familia, ella no puede evitar sentir que está de vuelta donde empezó.

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  • Finn to Rey:You looked at me like no one ever had
  • Finn:Except this one guy Poe Dameron
  • Finn:He was super hot tbh and I liked him a lot
  • Finn:I don't know if I liked him more than you I mean I've known you for longer but he kinda gave me a name and his jacket is the only thing I actually own
  • Finn:But he's dead now
  • Finn:If he were around I'd totally be giving him this speech too tho
  • Finn:So anyway

HI GUYS I DID an Undertale fan zine to silkscreen (just for myself) and i figured I’d upload the pdf!! The pdf is available for download here 

DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU’VE BEATEN THE GAME, both no mercy and pacifist. This zine contains MASSIVE SPOILERS like. its entirely spoilers.

The zine is also under no circumstances available for print or distribution of any kind aside from this pdf. If you see it printed or mass distributed report it because that’s not cool. 

I just wanted to have some fun with the imagery of the game, because it inspired me a lot! anyway !! 

Undertale is by TOBY FOX, and is available for purchase here

Thanks for reading!!!
Noun declensions: Russian Cases and Their Endings
This slide show gives you an idea how Russian case system works, and how Russian nouns change their endings in different cases. The grammar tables contain exam…

All the three tables in one slide show. The presentation looks a bit blurry (I don’t know why), but you can download it as a pdf file, which is quite sharp.