Day 15 of celebrating illustrators of the African Diaspora.

I try to be conscious with my word choice, especially in this series.
So often we say “black” and think of one singular story. We say illustrator and think of one type of artist. For me it’s really important to be inclusive and celebrate people across the spectrum of the african diaspora: Black Americans, africans, Afro-Latin@s, mixed people, etc.

Paulo is one of the artists I marked down as “Ask in a VERY respectful manner, how they self identify”. And I am so honored that he could share some of his history/background with me and that I could include him in this series because his work is absolutely spectacular.

The sense of movement.
The distinct color palettes.
The amazing draftsmanship and linework.
And I especially love the work that explores Brazilian folklore.

Paulo is one of those illustrators I see and I think.
“…I know I have my own career to worry about, but maybe let’s hire him for EVERYTHING”.