Imagine the Doctor crying over someone he couldn’t save after a dangerous adventure. Imagine you trying to cheer him up, and him smiling at your efforts.

“Well… I for one would just like to add, that you were brilliant today. Yeah… You couldn’t save everyone, but you did it. You saved me, and the planet. I’d say that’s a win.”
“Hah… Humany woomany…”

Imagine the Doctor finding you sobbing uncontrollably because of stress and overwork. When you explain to him what’s wrong you feel stupid, and start crying harder the more you list what’s wrong. Imagine him pulling you into a tight hug, and holding you until you stop sobbing. When you’re done shaking, he pulls away from you and wipes away your remaining tears. You look at him and he looks back at you with concern before pulling you back into his arms.

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Κάθομαι στο κάθισμα του τρένου μουτρωμένη και κοιτάζω έξω.
Εσύ απέναντί μου. Όπως πάντα με την κάμερα στο χέρι και με γράφεις.
“Τελειώνε. Κλείστο τώρα” μουρμουράω μέσα από τα δόντια μου.
Δεν θυμάμαι τι ακριβώς είχες πει ή είχες κάνει και με είχες τσαντίσει τόσο, αλλά φαίνομαι πολύ νευριασμένη.
“Χάρισε ένα χαμόγελο στην κάμερα” απαντάς σαν να μην με άκουσες ποτέ.
“Τελείωνε ηλίθιε.“
Σε ακούω να γελάς. Ακόμη και στο βίντεο είδα τον εαυτό μου να βάζει τα δυνατά του ώστε να μην σε κοιτάξει.
Γνωρίζουμε και οι δύο πως αν σε δω να χαμογελάς, θα λυγίσω.
“Έλα ρε μωρό μου. Μην θυμώνεις για ανοησίες” η φωνή σου είναι βραχνή και απαλή ταυτόχρονα.
Το χέρι σου ακουμπάει το γονατό μου και ξεροκαταπίνω.
“Δεν είμαι θυμωμένη”.
“Τότε δώσε μου ένα φιλί”.
“Άντε γαμήσου Άλεξ ”.
“Τι; Τώρα; Εδώ; Σε  παρακαλώ. Κρατήσου” λες όλο ξαφνιασμό και δήθεν αθωότητα.
Για κάποιον λόγο βάζω τα γέλια και σε βλέπω να απολαμβάνεις την νίκη σου.
“Ορίστε. Αυτό. Ένα χαμόγελο ήθελα”
Δεν μιλάω. Κοιτάζω την κάμερα και ύστερα εσένα.
“Εισαι τόσο όμορφη..” μουρμουράς χαμηλόφωνα σαν να μην ήθελες να σε ακούσω.
Το βίντεο τελειώνει και εγώ μένω με το κινητό στο χέρι ξαπλωμένη ανάσκελα.
Πατάω το replay.
Αλλά αυτή τη φορά δεν κοιτάζω την οθόνη.
Ακουμπάω το κινητό στο μαξιλάρι και απλά το ακούω.
Κλείνω τα μάτια μου και σχεδόν σε βλέπω πίσω από την κάμερα να χαμογελάς καθώς με τραβάς.
Η εικόνα του προσώπου σου στο μυαλό μου είναι θολή, αλλά η ανατριχίλα που μου προκαλεί το γέλιο σου, πολύ έντονη.
Δεν θα κοιμηθώ ούτε σήμερα..






Be warned, “keep reading” is dangerous.
Asianfanfics: Misunderstood

Anger was flowing through your veins, the relationship ofyou and Taehyung had always been like this, when you two fight he runs to his ex-girlfriend. Both of you are inside his room, he was sitting at the edge of his bed while looking down, fidgeting with his fingers as he felt very guilty. “Exes should remain exes not friends Kim Taehyung, keep that in mind. We are never going to talk to each other, ever again,” you tell him in a harsh tone, biting your lips in the process as the anger is suffocating you.

“What do you mean by that?” Taehyung’s voice sounded weak and now he was looking up at you. “Are you breaking up with me?” He added another question. Instead of answering him, you began walking out of his room without sparing him another glance. At first, you thought that they are JUST FRIENDS even though it might sound weird since it’s his ex-girlfriend. You trusted him only to find out that he had sex with his ex three weeks ago and you just found out because you accidentally heard Taehyung’s conversation with Jungkook.

You can’t think straight right now; you’re so done with this bullshit.  The only way that you could get out of this mess, this pain is to break up with him. You were running down the stairs of his apartment when he caught you by your wrist and pulled you against his chest before wrapping his arms tightly around you. You are trying your best to break free but he held you so securely. “Listen to me,” Taehyung said softly contradicting your harsh movements.

“Are you going to make up another lie on why you did that? I’m sick of it!” You yelled as you bury your face against his chest, breathing heavily. “I was drunk, you walked out of me when we were fighting at the club and it just happens that she also came and the next thing I knew is I was right next to her the next morning,” Taehyung whispers, his voice shaking a bit. “So now, it’s my fault?” You asked him sarcastically.

Instead of hearing his answer, Taehyung pushed you to the side of the stair causing you to feel the baluster behind your back, Taehyung moves in front, and his hands gripping the handrail beside your hips preventing you from running away from him. “I love you,” he whispered as he stared at your eyes. “I don’t believe you,” mumbled as a reply. Taehyung just laughed hysterically that ticked you off but you held it in anyway. “You really think I’d have sex with her?” Taehyung asked you and you nodded before tilting your head to the side, preventing yourself from seeing his face.

One of his hands cup your face, making you look at him. “I’m only kidding, Jungkook likes her and I’m just scaring the shit out of him and besides I knew you were listening back then, I just want to know how you’d react,” your eyes shot wide open. All the drama that you’ve been through, he made it all up. Happiness and anger (in a different way) hit you hard that you pushed him with all your might, luckily his grips on the handrail is probably really tight. You hit his chest hard. “Damn you, why are you good at making me feel bad?! You idiot, Taehyung the idiot,” you yelled while looking down. “But I’m also good on making you feel good though,” he whispered softly into your ear.

Without any more words, Taehyung pulled you back inside his room, hands interlocking with your as he stared deeply into your eyes when he managed to locked the door securely. “In exchange of that, let me make you feel good again then _____-ah,” he whispered. “What? No, I’m still pissed off,” you were about to whine and mumbled things when his lips landed on yours.

You are speechless for a while but without another hesitation, you returned his kissed. Taehyung’s eyes are close as he molds his soft lips with your soft ones too. He’d nibble on either you upper or lower lip from time to time. His hand softly caresses your face as one arm is wrapped around your waist, his hand brushing up and down at your back then it would go lower on each stroke.

You are starting to feel breathless. He pulled away for a little while but that is not enough for you to get enough air since he smashed his lips on yours again.  Taehyung placed your lower lips between his, he sucks on it gently before biting down, asking for entrance. You gave it to him right away and without a second to waste, he shove his warm tongue inside you.

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