Why I think Bangtan didn’t starve and turn the house upside down while Jin was away.

A.K.A. The long overdue “Yoongi is a Responsible Adult and will Probably make a Great Husband in the Future” post

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They legit trusted him with their money from the get go! 

He gave them all money equally and they all listened to him to know how much they will all spend!

And he was really responsible in budgeting and accounting the money to last euro/ krone for them all.


He was present in all grocery trips except for the Namjin one.

And he knew which items to buy for the dishes they wanted to make.

He also thought about what the other members wanted when they did their grocery shopping.

And yes, he settles the bill. Everyone else can carry the stuff for him.


Jin cooks complicated shit but Yoongi will definitely not let them go hungry even if it is just Ramen and Meat all the way! LOL

He was legit always in the kitchen during cooking time!

AND AND AND! He always made sure that he served the kids first before he digs in. He kept counting the bowls and split the ramen to make sure everyone had some.

When he was cooking the meat, he kept standing up to cook while the others ate. And when they were grilling sausages, he told Jimin to give Jungkook some coz the maknae hasn’t tasted it while he was cooking ramen inside the van.


When everyone was packing to leave, he was still picking up the mess after everyone.

He was barely awake but he started cleaning up when they were in the camp.

He even takes the trash out. (a.k.a. Yoongi taking us out)

Ok… we know he hates washing dishes (I do too) but they have Jimin for that.

and Kookie is the official laundry man…

And as a BONUS for the KIDS…

He loves spoiling them… He always buy them ice cream!!

He loves them so much and will take care of them. It might not be obvious, but he will do it without being told. He is a responsible hyung.


as long as Namjoon doesn’t break things faster than Yoongi can fix em

TRUST MIN YOONGI! Yoongi can handle this shit!

P.S. The Yoongi is a lazy ass joke is sooo old. He loves sleep…who doesn’t? When you work as hard as him… You’ll also miss normal sleep and catch naps where ever and whenever you can. You’ll probably love sleep and treasure it all the more… 


black sails + historical figures

{eta: please read this regarding anne bonny’s unverified date of death}

‘The Answer’ took place BEFORE pd was shattered.

I keep seeing theorists on Tumblr and Youtube say that ‘The Answer’ took place after PD was shattered, to a point people accept it as a fact. I personally don’t believe that’s the case, and here’s why: BISMUTH.

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Bismuth clearly knew Garnet. And in her final confrontation with Rose (right before she was bubbled the first time) she was arguing with her about Breaking point. She clearly didn’t know (and still doesn’t know) that Rose shattered Pink Diamond. otherwise, she would’ve brought it up to Steven when she was yelling at ‘Rose’ in their second confrontation- however, she did mention ‘shattering all the diamonds and freeing everyone’ as a part of her plan. Plus, she said that when she introduced Rose to Breaking Point Rose said that ‘no one deserves this’ (Steven says the same thing). Wouldn’t it be completely meaningless if she had already shattered PD?  

I don’t think Rose shattering Pink Diamond was a secret to any gem during the war. Bismuth not knowing about it means it hadn’t happened yet, at that point. therefore, Bismuth was bubbled before Pink Diamond was shattered. Rose refused the Breaking Point, but later, maybe, had to use it - what would explain how she even managed.

That means, the events of The Answer- Ruby and Sapphire first fusing and Garnet joining the CG- happened before Pink Diamond was shattered. That’s the only way Bismuth could’ve been aware of Garnet and become friends with her.

As to why Blue Diamond was on Earth while PD was still alive?

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Cuando necesitas ayuda...

Aries: No entiende muy bien porque el problema se supone es un problema pero aun así te ayuda de la mejor forma posible.

Tauro: Intenta motivarte destacando tus cualidades y dejando de lado tus defectos.

Géminis: Un par de bromas por aquí, un par de consejos por allá. Géminis puede ser la solución al problema o una forma de olvidarlo. ¿Cómo saberlo? Son los gemelos ;;)

Cáncer: Puede que para ti el problema sea un mar, pero para cancer será un océano. Te brindará su apoyo incondicional.

Leo: La seguridad y el apoyo que leo te brindará la fortaleza suficiente como para solucionar el problema.

Virgo: Aunque no sabría muy bien actuar con las palabras, expresará muy bien su ayuda mediante los actos, puedes contar con que siempre, pero siempre, estará allí para ti.

Libra: El consejero oficial de las estrellas no solo te dará consejos suficientes para solucionarlo todo si no que también se encargará de acompañarte en el proceso, guiándote en cada paso.

Escorpio: No es satanás ¿Saben? Puede ser también la más bella de las personas, el más fiel de los amigos. Y esto es algo que puedes notar cuando te encuentras en problemas.

Sagitario: El viajero incansable hará una parada si sabe que necesitas de su ayuda, te apoyará y motivará con su potente energía más de lo que podrías imaginar.

Capricornio: Su escritorio quedará abandonado, el trabajo cesará, pues sabe que un amigo su compañía necesita. Esto solo si cree que el problema es verdaderamente un problema y no solo una uña rota.

Acuario: Puede ser una perdida material o una maldición sobrenatural, pues sin importar la ocasión o el tipo de problema acuario siempre, con la misma fidelidad de virgo, estará allí para ti. Te aconsejará y apoyará, podría incluso sacrificar su libertad por ti. Aunque a diferencia de libra, acuario te permitirá dar tus propios pasos solo y te levantará si en serio lo necesitas.

Piscis: Si Cáncer hace de tus problemas un océano, piscis recreará Atlantis. Pero no te lo demostrara para no preocuparte si no por el contrario. Se mostrará alegre y optimista contagiándote esa bella energía a ti.

Sin importar el signo, como humanos cuando amamos a alguien, siempre nos ayudaremos los unos a los otros 😌🙌

PD: El gif de abajo describe un poco de mi constante lucha xDDD😌 Lo sé, lo sé, muy Rose quartz todo xDDD



anonymous asked - Chicago PD
#5 - most attractive?
Detective Jay Halstead

“You know, I’ve, I’ve seen dead bodies, and I’ve seen people shot in front of me. But uh I’ve never seen somebody take a bullet that was meant for me…”