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A/N: This monster of a fic is finally finished and i’m actually crying tears of joy rn bc this was such a long fic to write. plus it’s about my favorite underrated trainee from pd101, kim donghan @smols-n-tols bc they know how much pain i’ve been over this fic lmao

Pairing: PD101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Humor/Friends to Lovers!AU

Word Count: Roughly 11k (almost made it to 12k r i p)

Scintilla, noun: a barely visible trace

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lai guanlin|enemies to lovers

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member: lai guanlin
genre: fluffy
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! when you save your brother’s all time basketball rival lai guanlin getting beat up by your brother’s teammates, even if you did think he was an asshole, will sparks fly in more ways than one?
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung

  • your older brother seongwoo was team captain star of the school’s basketball team
  • guanlin was team captain star of the RIVALLING school’s basketball team
  • from the first game the two played against each other
  • they hated each other just because neither could beat each other
  • you just didn’t get it
  • they could of just been friendly rivals but noooo 
  • you were “supposed” to hate guanlin with a burning passion
  • like your brother did
  • you’ve always thought that was bullshit 
  • but you ended up hating him anyways
  • you always thought to meet someone before judging them
  • which is what you did with guanlin and you thought he wouldn’t be an asshole 
  • but he really was one
  • you remember your only and hopefully LAST interaction with him
  • it was right after a game your brother’s team won 
  • guanlin’s team got badly defeated 
  • because guanlin sprained his ankle start of the game 
  • it was his fault though 
  • he made a ridiculous and reckless pass in between a much smaller opponent’s legs while going full speed  
  • tried to crouch while running and his ankle got twisted instead 
  • after the game he was sitting on the bleachers when everyone left
  • you had to come back because you forgot your bag
  • once you got your bag you saw him 
  • he looked devastated with his head in his hands
  • you were concerned so you went up to him
  • “hey, you okay?” you asked worried
  • he looked up to you and his eyes sharpened like daggers and you were shocked at how hostile he was
  • “looking to shove the win in my face aren’t you” he said bitterly
  • “no just making sure you were alright” you said slightly pissed off at his rude attitude
  • “no offence, but can you just please fuck off and not pretend like you actually care about me” he said exasperated like he was talking to a 4 year old child
  • you were really pissed by then 
  • all you were trying to do was be polite and he was being an absolute dick
  • “no offence, but you’re a fucking asshole” you say coldly with your voice dripping in sarcasm
  • you walked out of there and slammed the door shut making guanlin wince and groan
  • you were right he WAS being an asshole
  • but he really couldn’t help it
  • he did a stupid ass move in the basketball game spraining his ankle causing his team to lose
  • AND his coach shouted at him for at least 20 minutes
  • then his teammates and coach blamed him for losing since he was always a key member in their plays/strategies
  • and no more basketball for a few weeks 
  • worst bit of all he found his girlfriend and one of his teammates getting it on in the locker room 
  • obviously he broke up with her but it still hurt
  • and now he hated himself more because a really sweet and pretty girl asked if he was okay
  • even if she was his rival’s sister
  • and he was a complete asshole to her 
  • he’ll probably won’t get another chance to apologise anytime soon
  • and he was right he didn’t get a chance until a few months later
  • it was a few days after a basketball game
  • your school’s team vs guanlin’s team
  • guanlin’s team won by a landslide 
  • because your brother got hurt
  • he was trying to block a ball that guanlin was slam dunking
  • his hand hit the hoop bending it right back
  • dislocating his wrist
  • some of his team mates thought guanlin purposefully did that
  • by your brother reassured them it was his fault
  • you caught the eye of guanlin many times at that game
  • no matter how much you “hated” him 
  • you couldn’t deny
  • he was gorgeous 
  • and for some weird reason you could not keep your eyes off him
  • you definitely didn’t realise but he’d steal glances of you any chance he got
  • he hated himself even more for being such an asshole seeing you again
  • one time he got so caught up in his thoughts and staring at you he completely missed a pass
  • luckily his team ended up winning 
  • but he couldn’t help but think about you 
  • anyways 
  • it was late around 10:30
  • and you were walking back home 
  • you were hungry and tired from studying in the library till then
  • you were walking through a deserted park 
  • it was one of the safest routes back home 
  • plus your family knew you were going to really late because of studying
  • suddenly you caught a glimpse of two guys beating up a guy 
  • not even caring you were smaller than all three of them
  • you sprinted towards them 
  • your anger exploded as you saw your school basketball varsity jackets
  • you scream
  • your eyes meet the ones of aiden and clark, two of the team members of your brother’s team
  • their eyes widen as they see you
  • uncertainty flashes through them 
  • but then their arrogant smirks were back
  • “sweetheart, he injured your brother and made us lose, so we’re teaching him a lesson, now run along” clark said sickly sweet
  • your eyes flitter to the groaning guy
  • it was guanlin
  • no matter how much he was an asshole he definitely did not deserve this
  • your heart ached seeing his bruised lip and him clutching his stomach in pain
  • you hardened your resolve
  • if the assholes wanted to play 
  • you’ll play
  • “and if i don’t” you challenged with a smirk of your own 
  • “well LITTLE girl, we’ll then have you begging to stop, how does that sound?” aiden said cruely 
  • you became bloody livid at that statement 
  • you kicked aiden then clark in the crotch 
  • then stomped on aiden’s cause of what he said 
  • they instantly fell to the ground groaning in pain 
  • you said in the same sickly sweet voice that clark did 
  • “now listen here BOYS, if you even laid a hand on me, my brother will make sure you wouldn’t see tomorrow’s sunrise” you threatened
  • you continued “guanlin did nothing at that game, my brother admitted it was his fault, and now if i told my brother that you beat guanlin up because you two were sore losers. THEN threatened me. he would ruin your lives, tell coach and you guys would get expelled”
  • their eyes widened in fear at your words
  • you continued still standing over them 
  • “now if you leave now you guys have a chance to only be on probation on the basketball team. now the amount of seconds it takes for you to get out of my sight is the amount of months you’ll be on probation.” you ended with a dark smile 
  • they looked at you incredulously but fearfully then you started counting and they started sprinting
  • “1, 2, 3-” you counted until they were far enough 
  • then you completely dropped the tough act 
  • and rushed to guanlin 
  • “are you okay? come on let’s get you to a bench” you say worried 
  • he just nods 
  • as he leans on you and you two walk to a bench 
  • “you’re one hell of a scary girl you know that” he said chucking
  • “they were beating you up” you reasoned
  • “thank you, really” he said sincerely as you two got to a bench
  • you smiled sweetly at him “don’t worry about it”
  • luckily for guanlin you had a first aid kit because of your brother’s injury
  • your mum insisted for you to take one
  • “where did you get hit?” you asked softly 
  • “torso, my lip, my shins and my knuckles are swollen and bleeding” he said
  • “may i?”  you ask gesturing to his jumper 
  • he nodded a slight blush gracing his cheeks
  • your heart started to speed up as you lifted his shirt up
  • you grimace as you see a huge purple bruise 
  • but the sight of his toned torso you couldn’t help but blush
  • quickly putting some bruise cream on it and then a bandage
  • you did the same for his shins
  • then you disinfected his knuckles and wiped the dried blood and dirt away 
  • as you were wrapping them bandages 
  • guanlin apologetically said “i’m sorry for being such an asshole the first time we met, i was in a shitty mood, my coach and teamates blamed me for the loss, and i found out my girlfriend was cheating on me with a teammate”
  • you were relieved he wasn’t actually a shitty person
  • “it’s okay but if you’re an asshole again i will not hesitate to injure your manhood” you jokingly threatened with a hint of truth
  • “duly noted” he gulped and agreed
  • “by the way, i’m lai guanlin” he said so smoothly making you want to swoon
  • “i’m y/l/n, y/n and i’m going to pretend i don’t know your name from the amount of grumbling my brother has done” you say sweetly with a hint of humour 
  • both of you chuckled but before either of you could say anything your stomach grumbled
  • guanlin laughed at you while you blushed
  • “since you did save me, i think owe you something to eat, what do you say?” he asked sweetly
  • you were really hungry and you weren’t going to pass up free food
  • especially with a cute guy
  • that you like
  • “that’d be great but you’re okay enough to walk?” you said gratefully 
  • “i’m okay don’t worry about me” guanlin replied with a sweet gummy smile
  • and your heart could not help but melt at the sight of it
  • “okay if you’re sure” you say sitting up and lending him a hand to get up from the bench 
  • he quickly grabbed it 
  • the moment you were holding hands your heart fluttered
  • it just felt right 
  • disappointedly you tried to pull away
  • but guanlin wouldn’t let you
  • not meeting your eye while you could clearly see his pink cheeks 
  • making you smile at how adorable he was
  • “what do you want to eat?” he asked still not letting go of your hand
  • “fried chicken or pizza” you said still feeling all warm and soft with the feeling of your hand in his
  • he smiled brightly at your choices “let’s get fried chicken tonight” he said
  • you raised your eyebrow and asked teasingly “so there’s gonna be a second time?”
  • guanlin went instantly red “if you’d like?” he said hesitantly and hopefully
  • “that’d be great” you said beaming 
  • he then gave you another one of his gummy smiles making you feel even more soft
  • you two quickly got to the fried chicken shop 
  • still holding hands 
  • and talking, joking and laughing the whole way
  • you two quickly ordered and started digging in as the food came out
  • but there was one moment which made your heart basically stop
  • guanlin told you “you have some sauce there” he said motioning the side of your lip
  • “here?” you asked while trying to wipe the sauce away
  • guanlin chuckled at your attempts and in the end reached across the table to your surprise
  • “no here” he whispered as he quickly swiped a finger from the bottom of your lip to the corner
  • you were ruby red from the small action and your heart was running a million miles an hour
  • with guanlin also slightly blushing
  • and from that moment on you couldn’t help yourself but wonder what it would be like to kiss guanlin
  • the night passed on quickly 
  • being with guanlin was so much fun and he was such a gentleman 
  • guanlin insisted on walking you home 
  • holding hands with constant talking 
  • time flied by 
  • the chemistry between you two was unbelievable you never felt this comfortable romantically about anyone 
  • when you were with him everything felt right 
  • he even offered his basketball varsity jacket when you said you were cold
  • and not listening to any of your refusals he insisted on you wearing it
  • you did in the end 
  • “you look so much cuter in my varsity jacket than your brothers” he said with a smirk as you finally put the jacket on 
  • your heart fluttered at the cute comment but you couldn’t help but tease
  • “who said it was my brothers?” 
  • instead of getting flustered like you hoped 
  • guanlin just smirked and said to you instead
  • “because it has your brother’s number on the back”
  • “oh” you said embarrassed with a blush cursing yourself for being so stupid
  • before you could say anything else your brother came rushing out of your house which you two just arrived at
  • “y/n do you know what time it is?!!!” he exclaimed
  • “uh 12?” you suggested hesitantly knowing you were going to be in trouble
  • “ITS BLOODY 2AM” he shouted clearly pissed off
  • before you could try to defend yourself
  • guanlin cut in “sorry it’s my fault”
  • “why the hell are you hanging out with my sister” seongwoo said dangerously low
  • you knew you had to step in before seongwoo went wayyyy into overly protective mode
  • “seongwoo calm down, it was because of your lackeys, clark and aiden, they were on the process of beating guanlin up because of yesterday’s game, i interfered, they ended up running away. afterwards since i was really hungry guanlin treated me to fried chicken” you quickly said giving a brief summary
  • your brother sighed and all the anger left him, he quickly hugged you tight and whispered “don’t scare me like that ever again okay?” 
  • “i won’t” you said with a smile 
  • he then turned to guanlin and said to him apologetically “i really am sorry about them i’ll have them kicked out of the team, thanks for quenching y/n ever thirst for hunger and bringing her back safely” 
  • you gave a whack of seongwoo’s head for his jab at you
  • seongwoo just smirked at you
  • “it’s okay your sister came in all badass and scary before they could do any damage and she patched me up afterwards. she’s brilliant” guanlin sincerely said 
  • making you blush bright red 
  • seongwoo’s eyes flittered from you to guanlin back and forth
  • and then eyed your still intertwined hands
  • he sighed cursing his karma 
  • and said to both of you
  • “if you guys want to be friends, friends with benefits, dating, blah blah blah you have my permission it’s the least i can do for what happened today”
  • “wha-wai-no me and guanlin aren’t” you spluttered frantically 
  • “well do you want to be?” seongwoo said with the cheekiest smile
  • you instantly blushed and you knew the answer to that 
  • you didn’t notice but guanlin was blushing too 
  • seongwoo trying not to be too overprotective and a good brother said to guanlin
  • “be good to my sister, not concerning basketball, you’re a good guy, but if you hurt her remotely i will hurt you” seongwoo warned 
  • before ending on a teasing note “say your goodnights lovebirds” 
  • quickly going back into the house leaving you two alone 
  • “sorry about that” you said apologetically
  • “he’s just being a good brother don’t worry about it” guanlin dismissed
  • guanlin took a step closer to you making your heart speed up
  • he asked you softly “what are we y/n?” 
  • “the more important question is what do you want us to be?” you countered
  • “i want us to be us, i don’t care about labels, but i do know i like you” he says while closing the gap between you two
  • with you centimetres away from him 
  • you with a racing heart whispered to him 
  • “then let’s be us” 
  • before you know it guanlin softly pressed his lips on your
  • his hands snaked to your hips pressing you against him lightly making sure you were as close as possible
  • you with one hand on the back of his neck and one hand on his cheek deepened the kiss
  • the kiss was passionate, feisty and enticing 
  • and the moment you two broke apart 
  • both of you couldn’t help but kiss each other again
  • again and again
  • lol i should stop here
  • after finally breaking apart 
  • breathless but faces still centimetres away from each other
  • guanlin had the sweetest gummy smile on his face
  • “goodnight guanlin sweet dreams” you finally say sweetly after a comfortable silence
  • “night sweetheart” guanlin said in the most heart melting tone giving you a forehead kiss 
  • just as you were about to head to your house
  • you feel arms wrapped around your waist and you instantly couldn’t help but smile
  • guanlin whispered gently into your ear “remember i don’t care about labels but when you’re ready and if you want me to be your boyfriend give me the word and i’ll be yours”
  • you melted at his words and turned around him to give a quick peck on the cheek and told him sweetly 
  • “i’ll remember that” 
  • and a few weeks after
  • he was yours 
  • and 
  • you were his

IM LATE IK this series is really progressing slowly also imma try to get jisung heirs out by tomorrow or the day after but tbh just tryna get jisung, seongwoo heirs all done by daniel’s birthday. since i have some soulmate angst planned for daniel. BUT I HOPE YALL LIKED THIS. it was unrealistic asf but isn’t all my scenarios lmao. as always please give me feedback!!!

enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung

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hi!!!!! can I please request for a minhyun college au? I am addicted to your writing (・´з`・) thank you in advance xxx

for nu’est ive decided it’d be cool to make them all medical students!! so consider it residency-college!au LOL~

  • specialty: minhyun is doing his residency in dermatology  
  • is known as the “pretty boy” of the unit and other residents are always joking that patients favor him because,,,,,,,,well one he has gorgeous skin,,,,,,,but everything else about him is literally just as gorgeous
  • is really sweet and tries his best to be polite,,,,,,even if taking another 10 hour shift is literally going to Kill Him,,,,,minhyun just smiles and is like : ) it’s fine : ) im fine
  • his superiors like him the most and their favoritism shows because guess who doesn’t get yelled out for taking a five minute snack break? it’s minhyun
  • but even though he comes off so mannered and mature,,,,,he has a lil nerdy side,,,,,like his phone background is always his cute niece and him but one day someone noticed that his lock screen was literally a screenshot from the transformers movie,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,
  • everyone keeps asking if he’s dating and minhyun is just like,,,,i,,,,,d,,dating?!?!?!?! and they’re like oh my god you have the face and you’re telling us you haven’t used it yet
  • and minhyun is like ?!?! i use it everyday to eat, to read - and everyone is like oh jesus no that’s nOT WHat we MEANT
  • but if anyone as much as dares to try to do ‘corrupt’ minhyun (as dongho affectionately refers to it) minhyun just turns pink and bites his lips and is like i!! don’t know anything about that,,,,,
  • boy is already in residency and sometimes if a patient get too close he has to excuse himself,,,,,,,soft boy
  • speaking of dongho and the rest of nu’est they all do residency in the same hospital so every now and then they’ll meet up to eat lunch outside
  • and everyone swoons because they’re the ~visual residents~ a group of goodlooking guys in white doctors coats,,,,,,what a dREAM
  • and then dongho gets crumbs all over his scrubs and minhyun is like come here i need to clean it - don’t you dare run from me- come bacK
  • is really good at his job though, so much so that people are like he doesn’t even need to do residency he knows sO MUCh
  • graduated at the top of his class in med school, still studies as diligently as before, literally takes notes on e v e r y t h i n g the doctors say
  • jr jokes that when minhyun opens his own dermatology clinic he should give all of them face lifts but minhyun is like,,,,,,,,im not doing that im doing immunodermatology wanna hear what i learned about leprosy-
  • jr: i gtg rn i was just trying to make a joke i am so sorry
  • anyway you also work in the hospital,,,,,but not as a resident or anything you’re actually in the tech department
  • and you know about minhyun because how can you not,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,he’s called the tech department like a minimum of twenty times a week because for some reason he’s super smart
  • but takes like ten years to type in a patients chart notes and he’s always getting a bit confused with the hospitals interface
  • and you,,,,,,,dont mind being the one called to help him i mean like have you /SEEN/ him  
  • just standing beside him is like basking in the sunlights glow and u dont mind. not one bit. tbh u r not gonna like lie when u see a call from the dermatology dept u basically fight people for the phone
  • buuuuut you also know that it’s a one sided kinda thing,,,because minhyun could have anyone,,,,,,,literally 
  • u can tell from the fact that his lab coats pockets are always full of candy, letters, and more that both patients and staff give him and yeah it makes ur heart sink a bit but like,,,,
  • whatever the short moment where you get to stand beside him at the desk and tell him (for the 15th time) how to reset the scheduling system works like,,,,,it’s enough
  • which is why when you get called down again, minhyun voice sounding apologetic over the phone u cheerily tell him it’s no problem - you’ll be right down to see what happened 
  • but since the elevator is taking too long u decide to go down the stairs where,,,,you hear voices echoing as you get closer to the floor ur supposed to meet minhyun on
  • and???? they sound familiar,,,,,one is obviously dongho’s,,,,,and the other???? minhyun?
  • and u stop your steps,,,listening to their echoing words 
  • “are you going to ask them? minhyun it’s been two weeks since you decided to say something and you’re still putting it off.”
  • “,,,,,what if they don’t like me-”
  • you blink,,,,wondering if you’re hearing another voice,,,,,and it is,,,,this one belongs to another resident. ren
  • “minhyun, seriously you’re handsome. i dont say that a lot. but ur handsome. very handsome. look at me minhyun does it look like i would lie.”
  • and finally,,,,the calmest voice of the bunch belong to jr: “you should go for it. i think they like you too.”
  • and you’re not sure what else they say because the door opens and a couple of nurses rush by you, their footsteps making noise
  • and in your head you’re wondering,,,,,,who is it that minhyun likes,,,,,,,
  • but not wanting to get lost in your thoughts you rush down coming out into the dermatology dept and seeing minhyun leaning against the wall near the elevators. 
  • you pat his shoulder,,making him jump a bit and the both of you breaking into blushing apologizes but then he mumbles that he’s pretty sure something is going on with the vital monitor
  • and you go inside the room to check it out
  • and as you’re doing your work,,,,you don’t notice minhyun bite his lip,,,,shy eyes trying to avoid your figure in the center of the room
  • quietly fidgeting with his name tag pinned to his collar
  • and when you turn, smile on your face “done! it just got unhooked-”
  • “are you free,,,,,on sunday?”
  • minhyun’s sudden question catches you off guard and you’re like w-what?? and he’s like,,,,,,,, “i-,,,,i have a shift,,,,but i can- it ends at 8 so i could take u to dinner,,,,,maybe,,,,,-”
  • minhyun,,,,with all his pretty features and polite personality cannot seem to stutter out a date invitation 
  • but,,,,you also cant believe ur ears???? the person minhyun liked?????was you???
  • and you’re like “d-don’t you not have many free days? you should rest-”
  • “it’s ok! i want to,,,,,spend it with you.”
  • there’s something of a shy smile on his face,,,,but his eyes are nervous and you’re always feeling your palms sweat
  • because god u really want to say yes,,,,the happiness in your stomach is turning to butterflies,,,,,but you also know that minhyun should rest
  • so you go “ok,,,,,but how about we do something simple,,,,like watch a movie at my place?”
  • and minhyun almost turns cherry red at the mention of coming over and he refuses,,,,,saying it’d be un-gentlemen-y of him but ur just like pleassse it’s fine
  • safe to say you guys do have that date at your place but you purposly pick a boring movie so minhyun falls asleep fifteen minutes in and you let the tired med student sleep soundly on your shoulder as you do your own thing
  • and ofc when he wakes up minhyun is a mess of “im sorrys” and “im not a creep i promise” but u just laugh and tell him it’s ok,,,,,it was a perfect first date because u were able to see him rest
  • which honestly just makes minhyun’s heart flutter even more about you,,,,,on the way home he texts ren and is like “i think they’re an angel,,,,,,,”
  • dating med student!minhyun is slow at first because he’s surprisingly shy about pda or skinship,,,,,to the point where when he first holds ur hand he has to let go 5 minutes later and be like “its not that i dont want to,,,its just,,,,,my hand got sweat and i didnt want u to think thats gross-” and u had to grab his hand back and be like idc if its sweaty i want to hold it forever, minhyun once he gets more comfortable has a habit for always dusting off your uniform or tucking strands of your hair back because he thinks u look cute when ur all neat and whatnot, tbh dongho and jr tell minhyun it might be a lil weird but u like it,,,its minhyun’s personality so u accept it, since he works super long hours u dont really get to see each other often but minhyun really likes it when u text him what ur doing after work esp if u include pictures, at first he’d just be like oh! cool :D or looks yummy! but as you two get closer he’ll kinda be a little sappy saying things like even your silhouette is pretty or i wish i could be beside you right now, a constant struggle is showing people photos of you and minhyun together looking cute in the hospital lobby doing peace signs and ur like that’s my boyfriend! and people are like no no no thats a celebrity honey and ur like,,,no,,,,,no he’s my bf,,,,,,,basically people r just really shocked because minhyun’s visuals are no joke, whenever someone confesses to minhyun whether it’s a patient or a staff he gets all embarrassed but also secretly reaLLY likes saying he has a significant other that he is head over heels for, ren makes fun of him so much for it he imitates his voice and calls out ur name and is like head !!! oveR HEELs~~~!! and minhyun is like pLEASE and ren is just kiss kiss love love u two are sooooo corny, on an anniversary minhyun had work but he sent you a video of him playing on the piano and singing your favorite love song and it legitimately made you tear up, does this thing where when he gets really really tired he’ll never admit it but one kiss from you makes it feel like he can take on the WORLD, an exchange resident named aaron comes to visit and minhyun introduces you to him and is like he’s my bff and aaron is just like “so what base have you and minhyun reac-oK FINE I WONT ASK”, those rare times where residents get more than a day off minhyun always insists on doing the absolute most for you and sometimes you have to literally argue with him to let you do something because he works so hard you want to support him and make it easy, you cooked for him once and you can’t tell if him telling you he LOVED it was fake or real,,,,,,,you guys got matching sweaters from the nu’est boys as a gift and they’re bright pink and corny and minhyun refuses to wear them until you giggled and put it on and minhyun melts for anything you do so he was like ok FINE, surprised you once by pulling you into a storage closet at the hospital and letting a hand slip up your shirt and you were like minhyun?? ?against his neck and he,,,,,couldn’t keep it up you felt his cheeks go hot and he was a stuttering mess like ten minutes in but he was also like i just,,,i really wanted you i dont know what came over me ,,,,,WHAT A FREAKING CUTIE AMIRIGHT THO,,,,promises that once he is done with residency he’s going to get a good job and take you on vacation for never leaving his side through the hardest years of his life and you just kiss his nose and tell him not to worry about it,,,,,but seriously the only thing on minhyun’s mind sometimes (which he finds fascinating) is how much he really rEALLY wants to make you happy,,,,,,,,,,he wants a future,,,,with you 

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boyfriend! kang daniel
  • cat cafe first date
  • daniel gets all melty when he sees you play with the cats
  • so adorable!!1!!1!1!1
  • the both of you end up getting so much cat fur on yourselves
  • removing it for each other with masking tape bought from a stationary shop because ain’t nobody got time for a lint roller
  • ending up in fits of laughter because the both of you were removing the fur at a park and exercising ahjummas just keep staring at you being weird kids???
  • satoori popping out when he’s flustered
  • like when you surprise him with pizza after his practice!
  • and the pizza gets stolen by all the wanna one boys xdddd
  • tries to get a piggy back ride from you and you almost die
  • you play with his hair all the time!!!!!!!
  • [you: i don’t think i can do this :( i’m so nervous.]
  • [daniel: what are you saying????? go rock that interview baby]
  • his message calms you down
  • you end up “rocking” the interview
  • [daniel: i knew you could do it]
  • you imitating his famous thigh sweeping action
  • him getting all shy and awkward
  • loves it when you show him aegyo
  • getting ice cream together on a hot day
  • “you: can i have some of yours pleaseeeeeee??” cues puppy eyes
  • “daniel: eat your own one” :pppp
  • daniel ends up closing his eyes because he cannot resist those damn puppy eyes
  • so you steal his ice cream successfully and take a bite lmao
  • tickles you till you return his ice cream but then it’s becomes all melted so y’all just ended up getting more wtf
  • putting his long limbs to good use so back hugs all day err dayyyy
  • sweet boyfie because he makes you hot chocolate and buys you heat packs when you are having cramps
  • pinches your cheeks because you look like an adorable bun to him
  • him sleep talking
  • it’s cute
  • jisung cringes at the both of you when you two feed each other popcorn during a movie in their dorm because too sweet!!!11!!! for him
  • you stick your tongue out at jisung
  • and daniel laughs
  • sitting on his lap
  • amateur cooks in the kitchen together
  • the both of you ended up burning a fried egg because you two were too caught up with trying to lick your own elbows
  • sometimes you miss him but can’t see him :(
  • he’s just so busy
  • he misses you a lot too
  • the both of you end up talking on the phone at every night
  • ends with endless of “i love you”s and “i can’t wait to hug you”s
  • says bye for 20 minutes before hanging up
  • cute couple with matching shoes!!!!!!
  • daniel is a sucker for things like that
  • “i got you this keychain from japan!!!!!!!! filled with my love”
  • he has the cutest smile on when he passes it to you
  • it’s an adorable cat keychain that is now hanging on your bag
  • “don’t feel lonely anymore heh”
  • a while later you find out he took pictures of you on your first date at the cat cafe
  • it’s his wallpaper
  • when you question him he get’s flustered
  • “you w-were too cute” :( rip your heart
  • you feeling all fuzzy inside after hearing that
  • actually… you always feel fuzzy inside when you are with daniel
  • and he feels the same way too 


find boyfriend! hwang minhyun here, boyfriend! ong seongwoo here and boyfriend! im youngmin here :-) 

  • Yixing after hearing Baekhyun's rap in showtime: that was so good I love it so much, you were so great
  • Yixing to pd101 trainee: Baekhyun could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better rap than that
Clumsy — Wanna One Reactions

requested by @tennebv

genre: fluff

synopsis: You accidentally hit your arm against a table but paid it no mind. What harm could it cause? You thought. A few days later, you see a humongous purple bruise forming and you begin panicking as you know how your s/o will react. When they walk into the room one day, you quickly hid your arm behind your back, but you weren’t fast enough as they saw the bruise.

Yoon Jisung

  • He’d calmly ask you what happened and talk to you through it, if you were getting harmed at school or not
  • Will go momma bear if he finds out someone is bullying you
  • But no one is so he remains calm and peaceful
  • He’d softly ask, “Tell me what happened, how did you get hurt?”
  • When you tell him what happened, he’d scold you for being clumsy
  • But he’d comfort you and hug you
  • He’d playfully hit a random table and scold it for hurting you just to make you smile and laugh
  • Sweetly smiles at you, “Be careful next time okay Y/N? Now the bruise is ruining your flawless skin )):
  • But it’s okay, you’re still beautiful.”

Ha Sungwoon

  • He will start acting manly and spew out questions to find out how you got hurt
  • Laughing awkwardly, you tell him, “It’s just a bruise Sungwoon, I’m not being bullied-”
  • Skeptically, “Well how did you get the ‘bruise’?”
  • And when you tell him you accidentally hit your arm against a table,
  • After clearing up the situation and telling Sungwoon that tables CAN’T move and bully people, he ends up asking why you hid it from him.
  • “I didn’t want you to laugh at me for being clumsy..”
  • “Aw baby, I wouldn’t laugh, I’m not Daniel or Seongwoo. Tell me next time okay? I love you.”

Hwang Minhyun

  • Worried and not really angry but will be upset at the bruise on your arm
  • Would frown and stare at the bruise like it’s the cause of the end of the world cough it kind of is
  • He doesn’t want his precious baby to get hurt
  • “Y/N, be honest with me. What happened to your arm? How did you get the bruise?”
  • He wouldn’t assume right away that you’re being bullied, because who would bully you? You’re a beautiful angel in his eyes and he believes that you’re one in others’ too
  • “I just hit my arm against a table a few days ago, no biggie. It doesn’t hurt.”
  • “Oh, really?” He presses down on your bruise and your squeak out in pain. “Doesn’t hurt my beautiful butt.”
  • “Let’s just get this treated first, wouldn’t want this green-purple greple? staying on your beautiful skin any longer than necessary. 

Ong Seongwoo

  • He’d worry and panic
  • “Where’d you get that disgusting thing on your precious arm? Is someone bullying me? Tell me and I’ll go fight them right now.”
  • You’d tell him no one’s at fault and that you just accidentally smacked your arm against the table
  • He’d laugh when you tell him that and tease you for being a clumsy bean
  • With your eyes welling up, “This is what I was afraid of, you laughing at me for being clumsy.”
  • He’d stop laughing and pull you into a hug,
  • “Awww, my smol baby bean, I was just playing. I’m sorry if i hurt your feelings, but it’s okay to be clumsy. In fact, I think it’s cute. You’re so cute, I love you.”
  • And kisses the top of your head.
  • A few days later is when he’ll bring it up and laugh about it again

Kim Jaehwan

  • “Y/N? WHAT’S THAT?”
  • “It’s a bruise Jaehwan, it forms when blood from the ruptured capillaries leak out under your skin and stays trapped in one spot.”
  • “Ok, smart alec, I know that. I mean how did you get it? You hit yourself against the table again didn’t you?”
  • “Ok, but it’s not my fault?? It was an accident..”
  • He walks to the freezer to grab an ice pack for you, placing it on your arm and helping you lift it up every 5 minutes and then putting it back on
  • A few minutes of silence later, he bursts out laughing
  • WTH did he go crazy or something??? Am I dating a psychopath?
  • “I still can’t believe you hurt yourself again, you’re so clumSY.”
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have told you what happened.”

Kang Daniel

  • He’d chew on his lips and pout at the bruise
  • He’d make sure you’re okay first over anything else, would ask if someone was the cause of that bruise or not
  • “How long ago was this bruise? It looks so bad )):”
  • Telling him it has only been a few days, he frowns at you asking why you didn’t tell him earlier
  • “I didn’t want you to tease me-”
  • Smiling softly at you, “I won’t tease you -mutters ‘yet’- you should have told me regardless, look how bad it’s gotten.”
  • Pouting and doing aegyo, “Aww, let me kiss it better.”
  • And he kisses your bruise im dying rn as i type this pls send help
  • However, like Seongwoo, he’d tease you a few days later. Actually, more like a few hours later.

Park Jihoon

  • He would be in shock at how you managed to get yourself a bruise
  • Nevertheless, he would comfort you and ask if you are fine, if you need anything
  • “Does it hurt? Do you want me to get an ice pack? When did this happen? Why didn’t you tell me anything?”
  • “Not really, no, a few days ago, and because I was scared you’d laugh at me for being clumsy.”
  • Chuckling at your reason, “Awww, my baby was scared)): Do you want me to make you feel better?”
  • “Yes, please. Do aegyo for me, my cutie pie :DD”
  • Kku kku kka kka, 내 마음속에 저장  I love you my clumsy baby.” dEAD im deaddddD

Park Woojin

  • He would try to act like he isn’t worried, and would keep up the cool guy act
  • “So, -head nod- what happened to your arm?”
  • Just to tease him to see how he’d react, “I got bullied today)):”
  • “WHAT. BY WHO, who would dare to mess with my baby bird? Is it Seongwoo? It’s always Seongwoo isn’t it?”
  • “No, -giggling- it’s not Seongwoo oppa, and he’s your hyung. Be nice and have more faith in him, he wouldn’t bully me lmao.”
  • Insert a flustered sausage, “O-oh, then what happened??? How did you get that bruise on your arm?”
  • “To be honest with you, I accidentally smacked my arm against the table ledge..”
  • …..
  • Aaaand he’ll jump at you and tickle you for worrying him, “Don’t scare me next time, I WAS WORRIED. I WAS ABOUT TO FIGHT SOMEONE.”

Bae Jinyoung

  • He’s still awkward and a small baby so he wouldn’t be able to fight someone if he had to
  • But he wants to, it’s the thought that counts
  • When he sees that you tried to hide your bruise from him, he’d feel hurt
  • “Why are you hiding it? Stop hiding, tell me what happened. How did you get that bruise?”
  • Sheepishly rubbing the nape of your neck, “I was walking out the door right and I was swinging my arm and I bumped into a table..”
  • He’d stare at you in second-hand embarrassment and clap and smile and laugh like he usually does to get over the embarrassments he feels
  • “Ok, I know you didn’t just get this bruise today, it looks too old. How come you didn’t tell me you hurt yourself? I could’ve helped lessen the pain. Does it still hurt)):”
  • “No, I’m okay Jinyoung-ah, it doesn’t hurt as much anymore now that you’re here.”

Lee Daehwi

  • Confuzzled baby otter
  • Wouldn’t know what to do besides bombarding you with questions and comforting words
  • Would in a frenzy speak in English and Japanese sometimes
  • Please let me know next time, I don’t want to be excluded from the things that happen to you. I want to protect you.”
  • What?!?? But I’m not a- “I’M NOT A CHILD DAEHWI???”
  • “You are a child, you’re my child. You need to be protected at all times.” -nodding to himself-
  • “But??? You’re the actual child here, go drink your milk sweetie.”

Lai Guanlin

  • Poor baby chick would be just as, if not even more, confuzzled like Daehwi
  • He wouldn’t know what to do
  • “Does it hurt? What can I do for it to feel better?”
  • You didn’t want him to worry so you tell him, “It doesn’t hurt LinLin, I’m fine.”
  • “Are you sure? It looks like it hurts though ;-;”
  • Then you teasingly tell him, “If you want to make me feel better, smile for me. I love your smile and when I see it, all the pain and sufferings I feel and go through, goes away.”
  • Obediently, he smiles that gummy smile of his that you love so much
  • Worryingly, he asks, “Do you feel better now? Does the bruise still hurt?”
  • Grinning at him, “No, it’s allll better now, are you hungry? ‘Cause I am.”
  • “Yeah! LET’S GO EAT CHICKEN Y/N!! :DD” i always associate chicken with guanlin..why???

not proofread!

funny not rlly story, i’m actually very hungry right now, i had SAT testing this morning and i didn’t eat breakfast. i devoured my food when i got home, then i napped. then a few hours later, that’s right now, i was forced to go to my cousins. i was typing this reaction here at my cousins and my cousin-in-law was sitting behind me.

he SAWWW me typing this and he askeD me what it was and i told him it was homework… and he continued watching me type. iT WAS SO AWKWARD???? like dont stare at me or my screen as im typing??? 

but it’s all good, he can’t read english so im fiNE (^:

aNYWAYS y’all prob don’t read these notes at the end but i hope you enjoy! ♡

Lipstick Prince

A/N: this is my first time writing anything like this so i’m like shookth. huge thanks to the @smols-n-tols bc admin jinyoung helped me sososo very much with this fic. without her “gracefully shoved his tongue down my throat” might’ve actually been a line. Also this is kim donghan aka the loml, please support him lots when jbj debuts!

Pairing: Produce 101′s Kim Donghan x Reader

Genre: ,,,,,fluff? kinda? kinda steamy? idk, i’ll figure it out

Word Count: 2k words

Summary: Interning at FAVE Entertainment? Great! Being the lead stylist for JBJ? Awesome! Having to help one of the members with recreating an old picture? Well, that’s a different story…

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onlyjihoons  asked:

park wink as your bf please? thank you💖

Originally posted by 01line

thanks for requesting!!

-definition of a gentlemen

- the type to hold the unbrella over u when its raining even if he gets wet, makes sure that u are walking on the side farthest away from cars, walks u home when its late bc hes scared of u walking alone

- secretly likes seeing u in his clothing so he leaves a lot of sweaters hanging around in hopes that he would see u one day wearing them

- once he saw u wearing his sweater and he nearly f A INTED

- help this poor boy

- he thought u were so cute and swore his heart almost stopped beating

- u were that cute

- going out shopping to buy matching items

- once suggested to have matching sweaters

- but u quickly denied it LMFAO especially when he held up a mustard yellow sweater and ur like


- so instead, u guys get matching phone charms!!! or lanyards w matching keychains!! ooo or those little plushies!!

- jihoon loves to buy u tiny matching keychains bc he thought it would be cute 

- but tbh u have a lot so u give some away to the members LMFAO 

- and then all of u are matching!!

- lots of cuddles!!

- likes to cuddle a lot when u two are laying down or spending time together

- when u guys cuddle, likes to give u kisses on ur neck or shoulders

- or just peppering ur face in kisses if u were on his lap bc he loves to spoil u

- so cute ok

- anyways, he likes to give a lot of hugs!!

- doesn’t matter what kind, he will hug u anytime

- but lowkey loves backhugs bc he likes to rest his head on ur shoulder and then u guys do that little waddle u know

- clingy af but knows when to back off lol

- likes to cling on to ur arms when ur purposely ignoring him or something

- ‘’why are u paying attention to ur phone?? pay attention to me instead!!”

- likes to hold hands a lot!!

- doesn’t matter if ur hands get sweaty lmao he likes to cling on to ur hands

- claims that he will love u even if u got sweaty hands lol

- date time!!

- the two of u like to go out on dates to find those aesthetically pleasing places lmao

- like cafes

- latte art!! jihoon thinks its so cool and so do u ngl 

- also, long walks in the park!!

- especially if he sees that there are people walking their dogs bc he lOVES dogs

- the type of person to stop and ask people if he can pet their dog LMFAO

- the two of u also like to have picnic on rlly nice days and invite the rest of wanna one

- mostly bc it gets wILD

- but gets jealous when he sees u having long convos w someone else and he’s not apart of it 

- the type to pout at you and get grumpy bc it should be him making u laugh not seongwoo >:(

-and karaoke battles w the rest of wanna one

- the night ends up w u and jihoon escaping bc it got too wild u were both scared that u guys would get kicked out LMFAO 

- the type to replace the shoelaces on ur shoes to different colors and tie them for u

- ‘’there!! we match now :>’’ 

- enjoys taking selfies w u and posting the cringiest captions or pick up lines lol

- also the type to judge u if u take those aesthetic pictures of ur food

- but then u end up judging him bc he does it too

- ‘’do u have to do that every time we go out?” 

- ‘’uhm excuse me?? YOURE DOING IT TOO WTF’’ 

- ‘’…..’’ 

- also the type to nap in ur lap when the two of u are watching a movie

- and demands that u play w his hair

- ‘’why are u paying attention to the movie?? aren’t i more interesting??”

- cue him pouting cutely at u ndjknfds

- and ur like

- ‘’,,,u loser’’ and u finally look at him

- and he just gives u a cute little grin and ur like

- dying

- how can a person be so cute??? the world may never know,,,

- also likes to give u lots and lots of kisses

- his kisses are, in general, the softest and sweetest in the world (in ur opinion)

- also the type to pull u close to him while he is kissing u because he likes the feeling of holding u close!!

- likes to put lots of emotions behind it bc he wants to convey what he feels through it

- gets flustered and stutters a bit when u two pull away bc he’s still relishing the feeling of ur lips on his

- and he’s like

- ‘’wOW’’

- ‘’how did i get so lucky???”

- jeojangs u a lot

- jihoon: look!!


Originally posted by woojinsus

-fights can be kinda rough w jihoon

-bc u two are still young, there can be misunderstandings and u guys get angry easily

-usually jihoon gets very defensive once u argue w him

- if it’s something dumb, he’ll scoff and roll his eyes but probably say something that makes u even angrier lmfao

- if it escalated into something more serious, u would be the type to walk out first

-mostly bc u know if u get jihoon angry, he would lose control of his filter and would say whatever what was on his mind

- and as mad as u are, u didn’t want this to go to the point where it could end up really bad

-’’u can yell as much as u want but im leaving before i will say something i regret’’

- and u just leave like boom

- but despite the harsh argument, he would be the type to go find you after cooling down 

-and wouldn’t leave u alone bc he hates when u guys drag on the argument, especially over something petty

-making up is mutual tho, the two of u talk it and see what terms u guys can agree to and fix

- in the end, the two of u reunite and spend the rest of the night cuddling away

-because really, who can resist park jihoon??

-especially w his puppy eyes that are steal your heart away? 


boyfriend!seongwoo comforting you when you’re insecure about your body and weight

boyfriend!ong seongwoo
  • im literally dying so sorry if this is gonna be shitty
  • so you guys met at school 
  • you have a class with jisung
  • and jisung knows everyone at school evERYONEE
  • so one time jisung was ‘practising’ to some important event at school and he coudn’t make it to the class and asked if you could take some notes for him and how can you say no??
  • you’re going to gym when you have a few wall mirrors, drums, piano and all that kind of stuff
  • there’s jisung, daniel, taewoong, donghyun and a new guy?
  • some of them are just laying, daniel is dancing and the new guy is playing drums
  • “yah, jisung you’re telling me this is a really serious meeting and thats way you can’t attempt class” and you hit his head with notes
  • “can’t you see how serious we are”
  • and the new guy just did ba dum tss on drums
  • you’re done
  • that’s it
  • it wasn’t even a joke
  • a punch line
  • ????
  • but still everybody is laughing
  • “oh, that’s ong seongwoo”
  • “hi, im y/n”
  • “hi”
  • that’s all
  • you still give jisung his notes and meet the whole ‘team’
  • but one day suddenly no one is in school
  • and what are you supposed to do with notes for jisung? then you see seongwoo
  • bare with me
  • and that’s how you end up with seongwoo in gym explaining english to him
  • basically right now you’re his tutor
  • moths in and he finally ask you out thank you jesus!!
  • your fist date is at the amusement park
  • shy hand holding 
  • wins you a teddy bear :(
  • eating cotton candy!!
  • you have so much fun and seaongwoo can’t stop looking at you and smiling
  • after the date he ask you if he can kiss you,,, im done bye 
  • his confession is so random and so cute.,, he just can’t stop laughing while aking if you want to be in realtionship with him 
  • you say yes and you basically hug each other and laugh
  • now let the fun begin
  • if you’re smol then good luck with this gigant
  • he will put all te stuff on the highest shelf so he can laugh about you and help you
  • standing on tiptoes so you can’t reach his lips 
  • but if you’re tol then you guys are two gigants
  • he wipes his hands on your white shirt………. this kid
  • you nearly have to fight because of that but you do the same and it’s fair
  • you’re his fan number #1
  • you’re so proud of him while watching seongwoo is alright that you cry and he need to comfort you
  • wants to teach you how to dance but just laugh at you
  • and when you fall or hurt youself be ready for his laugh…. he will laugh for a few seconds and then help you
  • face masks and you know what i mean by that
  • this boy even had it on his eyelashes…
  • “i truly, really, in fact, definitely, absolutely-”
  • “seongwoo i swear to g-”
  • “honestly, naturally love you”
  • “…”
  • “…”
  • “i love you too..”
  • sometime overreact while fighting and is the one that go out
  • coming back a hour later 
  • just hugs you and whispers how sorry he is and how bad he feel
  • then you have a talk about everything and cuddle
  • always have and arm around you
  • you’re never sad with him
  • always make you laugh
  • he don’t wants you to see that he’s sad
  • and you have to tell him that it’s okay to be sad and he don’t have to smile all the time
  • deep talks 
  • i mean you’re dating the best person ever

that’s all i have :( i don’t have any other ideas, i’m not proud of it but it’s not that bad i guess..

Reverse Idol!AU — Wanna One Fic

part 2 part 3

i’ve always thought i was good at writing fluff, guess not oml

this was fun to write hahah; you are the same age as 2Park in this fic-

requested by anon!

genre: fluff i think im sorry omg

synopsis(?): where you’re a soloist and you’re on weekly idol with Wanna One and you’re known for your quiet and cold personality, but you slowly warm up to them

“Hey Y/N, I seem to have lost my number. Can I have yours?”

Woah, what’s this? A pick-up line? Why?

Flashback July 23rd

You debuted at age 19 as a soloist a week before Wanna One and came out with your new song “Who I Am.” News came out that you are emotionless and the complete opposite of a chatterbox, making it difficult for you to make friends.

As you were heading back to your dorm, your manager informs you, “Hey Y/N, you have a Weekly Idol filming with Wanna One on the 26th, be prepared to communicate with them. Remember, be friendly.

Ok, it wasn’t that you aren’t friendly, you just have trouble socializing, so you opted to keep the cold image you’ve created.

Back to July 26th, the day of the filming

As Doni and Coni chats about the guests they’ve invited, you look at the pretty faces of the members of Wanna One. During the introductions of each member, you find them aggravatingly adorable as they show off their own unique charms to the camera viewers. ‘Ah, so they are the ones who saved the year. They seem okay.’

When it was your turn to be introduced, you didn’t know how to act in front of a huge group of guys so you forced an awkward smile onto your face;

“And finally our resident Ice Queen, Y/N!” You didn’t know what charm to do, and you couldn’t act cute otherwise that’d just ruin your whole cold concept. You resorted to smiling shyly and waving at the camera, what you didn’t know was your smile was saved in every 11 members heart.

‘Wahh, she’s so cute/pretty.’

Waterpark CF

You watched with a fluttering heart as they all filmed their commercials, occasionally silently laughing at the way Doni introduces the members. ‘Can I swim in your heart? What, why are you doing this, i’m not ready??’ You feel bad for the way they were teasing Minhyun, but couldn’t help but to laugh along.

It was your turn, and you have no idea what to do. You did the breaststroke and ended it with “Can I swim into your heart?” and a failed wink. You felt so embarrassed and hid yourself behind your hands, the members of Wanna One smiling at the very adorable action.

Jeojang and Thigh Sweep Dance

Doni and Coni told you to stay out of this and to judge this segment with them, you don’t think you can handle this part. These boys are starting to, I guess you can say, swim into your heart.

You feel you heart fluttering and melting, you’re squealing so loudly in your head, you’re starting to have a headache.


‘ONG????????? SROP.’

Random Play Dance

You went first, dancing to your new song. You were so nervous to dance in front of these handsome, talented boys, that you fumbled and almost tripped over air. You’re a clumsy person, and that caught their eyes. They felt like they wanted to protect you. When you finished doing your random play dance, they subtly asked if you were okay and if you needed anything.

You feel someone tap you and you turn and see Jinyoung;

“Noona, are you okay?”

“Ah, yes. I’m fine, don’t worry about me (:”

Finally, it was their turn. They looked so cool dancing to their songs, you couldn’t help but to admire them. ‘Awwww, omg Daehwi is so cute. HE’S HOPPING AROUND LIKE A BUNNYY.’ You catch Seongwoo’s mistake but don’t point it out. When they danced to Energetic and Burn It Up, you couldn’t help but notice the slight hip thrusts ehem ehem me too.

You couldn’t help but to dance along yes you know their dances, being pushed to join them by Coni the boys happily made room for you to join. You had fun dancing with them and actually wouldn’t mind doing it again.

When they succeeded the random play dance and won their chicken, you were so happy. You couldn’t help but to join their group hug and celebrate with them. ‘Am I actually hugging these adorable humans right now? Is it my time of death already?? I can die happily now omg.’ 

Rewriting Profiles

Before the cameras rolled to start recording, the boys made sure you were comfortable first before settling down themselves. You sat down next to Daehwi. You had to bite your lips to refrain from smiling and inwardly cooed at how sweet they are towards you.

The whole time Jisung showed off his imitations, you were laughing and simultaneously slapping Daehwi on the shoulder. You have this habit of hitting someone when you laugh when you’re comfortable. When Seongwoo imitated the haegeum (a korean traditional instrument), you found yourself slapping Daehwi’s shoulders, again. poor daehwi

Written on your profile are the words, “I laugh at any and everything, pick-up lines, puns, and jokes are my weaknesses”

Coni and Doni decided to create a new corner where all you say are pick-up lines. ‘Ah, I’m doomed. I don’t think I can handle 11 angels using pick-up lines on me. How am I going to survive??’

sorry not sorry 

Daehwi; “Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?”

Jinyoung; “You shouldn’t wear makeup! It’s messing with perfection!”

Jaehwan; “Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.” your religions minhyun

Sungwoon; “Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.”

Jihoon; “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cute-cumber.”

Guanlin; “I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.”

Woojin; “Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.”

Seongwoo; “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

Jisung; “Is your name Ariel? Because we Mermaid for each other!”

Minhyun; “I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”

Daniel; “You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?” yes please 

‘CAN FILMING END ALREADY MY HEART IS ABOUT TO BURST. FJSKDJASNK’ Your face was as dark as a red apple or maybe even darker. You felt like you were melting, you wanted to squeal so badly but composed yourself. You were stunned and tried to say a pick-up line back but all that passed through your lips were jumbled words. ‘Dear Weekly Idol writers, please edit this embarrassing part of me out.’

As if hearing your wish, they concluded the filming and you have never been so relieved. Once cameras were off, you ran towards the waiting room and hurriedly packed your things, wanting to get out of there to prevent further embarrassing yourself. You found it hard to leave the building as someone was holding onto your arms. Turning, you see Jihoon with the rest of Wanna One behind him;

“Minhyun hyung wasn’t joking when he said he wanted your number. Actually, all of us do.”

‘Ah, scratch my initial thought, they’re not okay. They’re the definition of perfect and illegal. How can someone like them exist?’ 

“Y-yeah! Okay.”

unedited as always! why does fluff seem so hard to write now? omg is this even fluff?

apparently i suck at fluff too, im cryinG-

but i hope you enjoy my failed attempt at fluff! ( ´▽` )ノ❤️

i love pick-up lines, puns, and jokes so i hAD to insert it oOPS.

Home Run

A/N: So I actually know nothing about baseball, but I’m trash for Kim Jonghyun so look at where we are now,,,,,anyways, ty @smols-n-tols for helping me with figuring out if baseball jerseys are a thing or not, @heochannies for giving me the idea, and @onibugi-jr bc why not tag you in some jonghyun content?

Pairing: NU’EST’s JR x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Baseball!AU, Friends to Lovers!AU

Word Count: Roughly 2k 1k

Summary: You hate baseball, ever since the concussion of 3rd grade, you’ve hated it. However, it just so happened to be your best friend’s favorite sport, and when he makes the team, you’re forced to go to his game. However, maybe baseball won’t be that bad….

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a day at the amusement park with boyfriend! hwang minhyun
  • hand holding everywhere
  • the tickets have cute cartoon animals and minhyun insists you look like the cute panda so he forces you to take a picture posing with it
  • the both of you pass by a shop selling cute ass headbands
  • *places a headband on your head*
  • “ahhhh~~~ you look so cute” <33333
  • *places another headband on your head*
  • “ahhh this is cute too!!!!!!”
  • him smiling at you
  • the both of you end up walking out of the shop with 5 headbands and he forces you to wear the one around 
  • “wah~~~”
  • he can’t stop smiling at you in the headband
  • he thinks his heart is going to burst
  • queuing up excitedly to take photos with the characters
  • actually it’s mostly you being excited but minhyun is excited to see you excited
  • minhyun bringing you to the pirate ship ride
  • aND you were so jittery he kept laughing at you
  • “aigoo is my baby scared” :pppp
  • you two go on the ride and you almost trip over the step aHA
  • minhyun holds your waist so you don’t fall
  • tbh he is always taking care of you
  • like how his hand is always on the small of your back during the ride
  • but you’re too busy closing your eyes
  • minhyun’s like “wooooooo”
  • “shut up minhyunNNN!!!!!!” T_T
  • minhyun just laughs even harder DURING THE DAMN RIDE
  • you don’t have the energy to ask him to shut up anymore hahaha
  • the ride ends and you get all wobbly
  • “is my baby okay” :p
  • you glare at minhyun and pout
  • “go away!!!!!!!” >:(
  • “aww cutie,,,, come here”
  • minhyun brings you in for a hug and pats your head and laugHS again
  • he treats you to churros
  • minhyun feeding you ^_^
  • the sky is beautiful too (it makes everything better)
  • the both of you go for more rollercoaster rides and minhyun keeps watching you freak out
  • minhyun trying to stifle his laughter
  • he high key finds you being scared adorable
  • “stop looking at me freak out meanie!!!!!!!!”
  • you leaning onto him after the rides
  • haunted house time fml
  • minhyun shouting “yah!!! y/n!!!!!” because you keep squeezing his hand so tightly 
  • he thought it was going to fall off but he doesn’t let go
  • “minhyun save me” ;;;;;;;;
  • you accidentally punch a “ghost” (no one was hurt,,, it was super light)
  • and minhyun having to apologize for you
  • you didn’t even know because you couldn’t register anything that was going on
  • he ends out chuckling throughout the whole thing and you cling onto him
  • “it’s okay~~~~~~ i’ll protect you”
  • he wants to keep you in his pocket
  • minhyun tells you about you “punching” the ghost
  • “should i go in again to apologize to him????” then you tremble
  • “ok nevermind” T_T
  • minhyun thinking you’re such a precious cinnamon bun
  • you two hop onto the ferris wheel ride
  • “the scenery is so pretty!!!”
  • minhyun whips out his phone and you thought he was going to take pictures of the scenery
  • he secretly take photos of you instead
  • “why are you taking pictures of me?????”
  • “you look even prettier than the scenery”
  • cliche but he really means it
  • you plant a kiss on his cheek
  • he gets all blushy
  • of course,,,, the legendary on top of ferris wheel couple kiss
  • <333 the carriage is filled with sweetness
  • watching the fireworks together
  • the both of you are still holding hands
  • it’s breathtaking
  • you cannot believe how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like minhyun
  • minhyun breaks the comfortable silence between the both of you
  • “thank you for being my girlfriend, y/n”
  • you smile at him contently
  • “thanks for being my girlfriend too” :p
  • “yah!!!”
  • you count your blessings and so does he
  • minhyun whispers in your ear and says he loves you
  • he also gently squeezes your hand
  • you feel so warm inside
  • “i love you too” ^_^
  • “today is the best day of my life!!!!!!!”
  • “mine too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • “let’s get married soon!!!!” n_n
  • what?!?!?!?!?!
  • leaving the amusement park with slushies and a heart full of love for each other 
  • [mh @2am: sends you the picture he took of you on the ferris wheel]
  • [mh: i know you are asleep but i miss you already~~~~]
  • minhyun changes his kakaotalk profile picture to a photo of the both of you in cute headbands
  • ends up staring at it till he falls asleep


find boyfriend!minhyun here hehe or boyfriend!youngmin here!

thank you for reading! don’t we all need minhyun in our lives ^_^ feel free to send me requests for the other produce 101 boys!!! i don’t bite :p

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soulmate au with park jihoon?😉

thanks for requesting!!

- in this universe, whatever you write on your skin will show up on your soul mates skin as well

- the first time jihoon saw the ink on his skin, he almost fainted

- because one; after all these years, his soulmate finally communicated with him??? and two; you were a damn good artist 

- small doodles would litter on his arms or hands 

- and jihoon would get super excited about it!! even though he couldn’t draw well, he left compliments besides his soul mates drawing and hoped that was enough 

- but soon enough, there would be pretty portraits of flowers or little chibi cats that encourage him to get through the day(which jihoon diES for because it was so cute!!)

- even when he’s been practicing for hours, he sees the small encouragement from you and he’s like 

- ‘’where have you been all my life’’  

- and as much as he admired your drawings,,,jihoon felt like a sucky soulmate because he just jotted down random little notes or chores that he had to do 

- (okay but low-key jihoon seems like the person to be struggling during a test and would ask his soulmate for help lMFAO ) 

- ( ‘’hey,,,what’s the formula for quadratic equation again,’’

- ‘’aren’t you in the middle of an exam right now?” 

- ‘’,,,ple ase’’ 

- ‘’… ax2 + bx + c = 0′’ 

- ‘’thANK U,,i owe u my life’’ 

- ‘’how could you forget? please pass math u dummy’’)

- !! ok anyways, the two of you would communicate like that for a while 

- and while jihoon knows that all he has to do is ask to meet up for the first time 

- he’s?? scared?? 

- like what if you realize that he’s just a loser after all this time and someone who isn’t worth your time??

- but after some pep talk from jinyoung, he manages to scribble down wanting to meet you on his arm and just waits 

- (even tho we both know he probably almost fainted asking to meet them)

- and you know he almost screamed once he saw the words forming on his arm 

- ‘’yes!! lets meet tomorrow at carat cafe?? here’s my number,,,’’ 

- lets just say even the neighbors could hear jihoon screaming with delight at the thought of finally meeting you!!

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cheering on bestfriend!daehwi from the states(?) | requested | APPARENKTY IM GOING CAMPING TODAY so i’ll be back to work on the rest of the requests on sunday sorry for the inconvenience:((


anon asked: college au texts with hyung line? // p2 will be posted in a bit!! (jaehwan + minhyun) 

 thank you for requesting!!

also, click the texts for better quality!! :))

p2 here: https://laignlin.tumblr.com/post/163997539179/part-2-of-college-texts-au-lowkey-rushed-im


Word Count: 716

Produce 101

Contestant: Kang Daniel

Author: It’s…. idk i just came up with this >.< request open BTW for produce 101 only… (^v^)

Originally posted by p-eachdaniel

“Y/N?.. Y/N!.. Oh my god”  I heard voices in the background. The voice sounded so familiar, but the pounding headache stopped me from thinking. I couldn’t remember anything, except for the fact that I went to a concert. I slowly opened my eyes, bright light shining in my eyes. I made a painful groan “Oh she’s waking up!” I heard someone shout, a woman in white clothes was bending over my frame. “Can you hear me?” I could just nod my head yes. “Oh my Y/N, are you okay??” I looked at my best friend, her eyes looked worried. I tried sitting up, trying to figure out where I am. “What happened I?” My best friend sat down. “We’re not sure, but you fainted and bumped your head extremely hard against the bars.” I just sat there, letting the information sink in. I grabbed my phone checking the time. It was 10 PM, a sigh escaping my lips. So frustrating to be here, missing out on a concert forgot which one. Someone knocked on the door before entering. 

“Excuse me miss, but there were some people who wanted to see you” the lady said letting some people in. I couldn’t make out there faces, the only thing I saw was my best friend getting overly excited. I just looked at the 7 guys standing in front of my bed. The politely bowed “we wanted to make sure if you’re okay” a guy with red hair said. “I’m fine, but I don’t know who you are?” I asked dumbfounded. “Ahh we’re produce 101 contestants” someone said smiling down at me.  

I just looked blankly down at my feet, ‘Produce 101? Sounds familiar…. WAIT Pro-’ my eyes shot up, looking at all their faces one by one. How could I forgot, by now my best friend left and I’m here with 7 amazing guys in one room. 

“I think she remembers who we are, look at her face” Kenta laughed. I glanced at him. The nurse come back, telling them it’s best if they leave. All the guys said goodbye and left except for Daniel, who refused to leave. He quietly sat there watching how the nurse cleaned my wound and replaced my bained with new ones. I looked over at the guy, who still had his eyes fixed on mine. “I’m sorry for what happened” he walked over to my bed sitting on the edge. I didn’t know what to say, he looked so worried. 

“It’s not your fault you know” I took my water bottle and my painkillers. “I know but I hate it when cute girls like you get hurt” he got embarrassed at his own words. 'did he just call me cute?’ I couldn’t help but smile. There was an awkward silence between us. Luckily the nurse came up for a last check up before I could leave. Daniel had his arm wrapped around my waist the whole time. I felt butterflies in my stomach. He walked me towards to the entrance of the building. “Is there someone who’s gonna pick you up?” He let go of my waist and held my hand. “Yeah my best friend is on her way” he nodded, guiding me to a nearby bench. “It sucks you missed our performance” scratching the back of his head. “Yeah it does, I was looking forward to your performance to be honest” fumbling my fingers. He was smiling like crazy by now, his eyes turning into small moon shaped croissants. 'He’s so cute’  

“I mean I can show you that dance in personal if you want to” he bit his lip as he scooted closer to me. “are you…” I couldn’t speak at all. “No pressure” he quickly said. I giggled “I would like to” he smiled.  

“Can I have your number?” He gave me his phone, I typed in my number. Just as we exchanged numbers my best friend arrived. “See you later” he pecked my cheek, running off.  

“Who was that?’ My friend helped me up. I smiled touching my cheek "Someone”

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boyfriend!youngmin, college au? thank you:)

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thanks for requesting!!

also, i reached 300 followers already?? thank u so much im njdkc??? i wasn’t active that much, and im really sorry about that!! but ill work harder to get more stuff out as a thanks!! 

but really, thank you so much!! <333

under read more bc its kinda lengthy!! 

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seonho and guanlin having a crush on the same girl | requested | the first two screenshots are texts between guanlin and seonho btw;; also sorry i haven’t been posting frequently ugHhhddh