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Produce 101 Wallpapers 🎥🎤

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Note: Ik this isn’t BTS but I’m really into produce 101 rn (if u haven’t watched it yet I TOTALLY recommend it!!) and I found these pics and really wanted to post them cuz they look so goooood 😍❤


DAEHWI: purest cinnamon roll of all. you hurt him and i’ll kill you

DANIEL: looks like he could kill you but is the fluffiest cinnamon roll

JIHOON: looks like a cinnamon roll and wants to kill you, but can’t because he’s too weak

MINHYUN: that fresh baked cinnamon roll that everyone wants because he’s the best

SUNGWOON: looks like a cinnamon roll but if you call him one he’ll think you’re making fun of his height

SEONGWOO: probably will kill you by making you choke on a cinnamon roll

JINYOUNG: too scared of anyone to be a cinnamon roll don’t look at him or he’ll cry

WOOJIN: not a cinnamon roll. he’s french toast

JISUNG: the memeroll. don’t eat, not edible…

JAEHWAN: he’s not even a cinnamon roll. he’s just crazy

GUANLIN: probably doesn’t know what a cinnamon roll is

boneless - lai guanlin


▹ word count: 1360 words
▹ summary:  you’ve been crushing on the cute guy who works at your favorite pizza place for a while, but you’re too scared to actually make a move. when your best friend dares you to talk to him, things don’t go quite the way you were hoping…

  • you love pizza
  • like really. it’s so good, and there’s this great place near your house
  • you and your best friend go there every week because its so good
  • okay that might be a lil lie
  • yeah the food is good, but the real reason that you go all the time is because of the cute guy who worked there

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boyfriend! park jihoon

wanna one (1/11)

- the sweetest okay
- not too clingy but can be when he wants attention
- loves to spoil you
- buys matching sweaters and phone cases
- gets flustered easily
- cuddles and watching kdramas
- melts when you play with his hair
- back hugs !!!
- stares at you and admires your beauty
- “wow how did i get so lucky”
- “what’d you say?”
- “nothin”
- loves when you hold and play with his hands because yours are so soft and small
- tells you cheesy pick up lines then gets embarrassed
- gets jealous if one of the members seems too close to you
- lots of aegyo
- takes his time to plan dates because he wants them to be perfect
- but instead of going to the beach like he planned you wanted to go get ice cream so he became a jittery mess
- protective as heck man
- always by your side
- a gentleman
- makes sure hes closest to the cars when walking by the road
- gives you his sweater when you’re cold
- walks you home so he knows you’re safe
- the softest kisses
- very gentle
- art museum dates
- amusement park dates
- fights rarely happen
- but when they do its usually over something little or a misunderstanding
- after he calmed down he’ll come and apologize and talk it out
- takes you out to his favorite restaurants
- likes to know you’re eating well
- honestly the cutest relationship okay

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