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How BPD Stigma Harms Us

I need to get these out of my head so I’m writing it down here.

- Makes people around us think we are bad people/“psychopaths”
-Makes people around us “deal” with us in ways that hurts us/is abusive
- Makes us less likely to seek help for our symptoms
- Makes us less likely to talk to our families about our symptoms
- Makes it harder for people to get help for the disorder because too many resources are for our family instead
- Groups personality disorders together which leads to people treating people with different disorders in the same way, which, depending on the disorder, may be harmful
- Makes professionals have biases against us which can effect their treatment of us
- Means fewer professionals are willing to treat us
- Means that each Borderline is treated the same despite the wide range of symptoms possible
- Means that Borderlines are hospitalised or put on higher levels of care than necessary just because of their diagnosis
- Makes people with BPD less likely to be diagnosed because they’re not “manipulative” or a “drama queen”
- Similarly, means people who self harm or are deemed dramatic are labelled or diagnosed falsely with BPD
- Means that our serious issues are brushed off as lies, manipulation, or drama
- Means that our families believe we have certain traits that we may not have

Feel free to add anything. This is brainstorming.

ok guys it’s 5 am so time for some real talk. In the bpd tag I see a lot of joking posts about bpd. And that’s fine, I’ve made plenty of joking posts about it. Some of us do it as a coping mechanism, but I don’t think those posts really do explaining bpd justice.

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. I’m not going to romanticize my illness. This is a long one and you don’t have to read but if you aren’t borderline and want to truly understand what having this disorder is like then go ahead and read this whole thing.

Imagine standing in an empty pool in the middle of winter, and suddenly it just fills for no reason and you’re instantly drowning. I’ve heard it brilliantly summed up as “chronic irrationality.” Think severe mood swings, impulsivity, instability, and a whole lot of explosive anger.

BPD feels like floating above a party, above the laughter, looking down at the smiling people who understand one another, and thinking: Why not me?

It sends you into spirals of self-doubt and hatred. You know something within you is twisted, and even once you’re told what, you’re left wondering why.

There’s always this stifling sense of isolation. I can be surrounded by the most supportive friends and still think they’re out to get me, or they’re going to leave (however this area has been gradually getting better).

It almost goes without saying that it’s hard to maintain relationships. The combination of feeling absolutely nothing while flinching at everything doesn’t make for a whole lot of fun. BPD makes me lash out, allowing some of the cruelest things to tumble from my mouth. And believe me, there are only so many times loved ones will forgive a lack of control.

People describe BPD like that: a switch. A big switch going off in an invisible instant. One moment you’re as high as the sky, the next you’re 10 feet underground. There’s no in between. And unfortunately, like depression, it places the obligation on people who are not necessarily in a position to help or understand, no matter how much they may care for you. In a relationship, BPD can leave both people feeling isolated.

In reality, you are someone without a sense of self.

We have been labeled as some of the most manipulative people. And yes I will admit, not proudly, that I have a past of manipulation. However, not ALL borderlines are manipulative. Some are very calm and keep themselves in order. And many, like myself, get therapy to fix it and many other things. However, it can take months/years for the therapy to show effects. But I will tell you this: Us borderlines are some of the most loving people. We will love you so much as long as you let us.

Bpd is draining on you and everyone around you. It’s not pretty. It’s not fun. It’s hard. It’s fucking hard. So I just thought I’d let people know what having bpd is really like from my point of view.

And trust me, there’s a lot more to it but that’s the best way I can explain it.
What i want for BTS festa 2017:

- JIKOOK wedding vlog (+ pictures)
- JIKOOK honeymoon vlog (+ pictures)
(- The proposal would be great too)
- YOONSEOK wedding vlog (+ pictures)
- more YOONSEOK honeymoon vlog (+ pictures)
(- The proposal would be great too)
- BangPD photoshoot/photobook
- Bangtan Bomb: A day with BangPD
- Taehyung Gucci photoshoot + photobook
- Jin cooking book (+ photobook included)
- A day dedicated to Namjoon where it’s only Namjoon content
- The staff making BTS profiles

rkm0855 instagram update
안녕하세요! 이번에 MBC드라마 “파수꾼"의 OST를 부르게 되었습니다!! 뉴타운보이즈선배님이랑 같이 열심히 했으니 많이많이 들어주시고 "파수꾼"도 많이많이 봐주세요! 음원은 7월3일 공개됩니다! 켄타의 첫OST!!! 사랑해주세요~
Hello! I will be singing MBC drama “Lookout” OST!! I’ve worked hard with Newtown Voice sunbaenim so please listen to it a lot and watch “Lookout”! It will be released on July 3rd! Kenta’s first OST!!! Please love it~

youjin0406 (Lee Youjin): “Kenta you did well cool cool”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you, hyung ㅠㅠ Please listen to it!!
don9_han (Kim Donghan): “It will be released on my birthdayㅎ is it my birthday presentㅎ”
Kenta’s reply: That’s right it’s the first gift for you^^ Let’s party next weekㅋㅋ
j_wontagii (Joo Wontak): “Kenta-gun ㅠㅠ I’m jealous.. ♡ congrats!”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you, Wontak! 
eun_doitz (Hong Eunki): “Waw ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Congrats hyung!! Let’s walk on the flower path from now on 💪”
Kenta’s reply: Thank you! ung ung Let’s do it that way! 

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