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Imagine being the new bartender at Molly’s and all the Chicago guys flirting with you.

——— Request for anon ———

It was part of the job, really, and you played it up as much as you could for good tips. That said, when you had first applied for the bartending position open at Molly’s, you hadn’t quite expected for the amount of attention you would get. The flirting you carried on with nearly every guy who showed up only boosted your tips and their spirits.

Cops, firefighters, as well as medical personnel flocked to the bar on both busy and slow days. Hell, it was even owned by some of Chicago’s finest firefighters, as Gabby, Otis, and Herrmann loved to let you know. Really, it was only a matter of time before you began knowing the regulars by name.

Pouring drinks, flirting, and laughing became just as much a part of your job as anything else, and you loved it.

“There’s our favorite bartender,” the Halstead brothers call out as they come into Molly’s at a solid ten o’clock, the elder taking a moment to check you out before the younger did, too, only serving to make your smile wider as you move away from Severide and Jimmy to where the newcomers chose to sit.

“Don’t spoil me, boys,” you shoot back with a wink, making the two of them laugh while you carry on, asking for their order, “What’ll it be for you tonight?”

“Aside from your phone number?” Jay tries, making Will roll his eyes.

“Real smooth, Jay.”

This was the best job ever.

After rewatching Penny Dreadful with some of my friends, I’m obsessed with Lily all over again.

There’s an alternative version of the same drawing posted on my brand new sideblog, here.

The beauty of the Chicago PD characters is that they’re all in the grey area. No one is just good or bad. No one is a perfect hero. They’re all flawed, they all make mistakes. They all have demons and issues. But they all learn, and grow. That’s the point. The heroes are flawed. That’s what makes them realistic.
If you don’t get that, that’s your problem.

When someone comes up to me and says, “Hey, I’m a big Pushing Daisies fan.” You just feel like, “Oh, wow: You’re the one who watched it. So nice to meet you.” […] When I meet one of the fans, I’m always like, “Aw, one of my people. You liked it, too? I liked it. You liked it. Let’s talk about it a little bit.”
—  Lee Pace really loves Pushing Daisies and Pushing Daisies fans. (x)