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There are so many things you could help the fandom out with, with your knowledge!! Like, what's the most common sick food in Russia? What does people think of public displays of affection between couples? (Anti-gay politics aside.) What kind of candy is common, and what do you think Yuri and Viktor would love the most? Is there a cartoon they'd remember as kids? Local pop culture? What is nostalgic for a 20+ year old? What's common to say in Russian if you stub your toe? If you're surprised?

Ohhh so many questions at once~

Ok let’s start. Most people there like those noodles, soups, potato puree in packs, which cook in 3 mintes (I don’t know if you guys consider those as a sick food). 

Couples hug and kiss in public no matter what people around them think. Young people actually never care about what’s going on around them, so even if anyone will make a negative comment, they won’t react.

People there love choclate the most. The most popular brand according to kids in the city I lived was brand Alyonka (kids know the best, I trust them when it comes to candy). They also love western chocolate brands. 

Yuri would like all candy types, but he’d love ptichye moloko the most and Victor would love truffle.

Nu, pogodi! would definitely be Victor’s favorite cartoon as a kid (Look at exclamation mark. Now we all know where did all !!!!!! sports anime get XD). All 20+ people, including me grew up watching that cartoon. It’s like Russian Tom and Jerry but with Wolf and Bunny. Pretty fun cartoon and it’s still popular nowdays. Probably it’d be Yuri’s favorite cartoon too.

Local pop culture is a mixture of many different trends. 

Honestly I don’t know what 20+ years old Russians would be nostalgic over. It depends on individuals I think.

Stubbing the toe?? Haha, definitely there will be swear words. DON’T MAKE ME TEACH YOU SWEAR WORDS. NOPE.

As for surprise they express it with “ Bozhe moi”, which translates as “my God”.

Hope I could help you with this information, anon. I’d gladly share everything I know, so feel free to ask :)

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