Hey y'all, please help out by watching my video entry for the Peace Corps Week 2014 video contest! All of the interviews in the video take place in my site in the mountains of Peru. 


The winning video for the Peace Corps Week Challenge comes from Kyrgyzstan. http://kgisme.tumblr.com/ It is really great. I still wish that my friend Ryan would have won.


Here you can see 2 minute videos on YouTube from Peace Corps Volunteers all around the world: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLM0oh3lEA63HF4ATfGPUIG7WK-72PyELH

Watch on jointhepeacecorps.tumblr.com

“Cultural Windows: What I wish Americans knew about Ecuador”

A few fellow Peace Corps volunteers put together a great video about Ecuador. The video is a submission to a Peace Corps video challenge.


Evan C., a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer in Cambodia, created this video for Peace Corps Week 2014’s video contest. It’s a great visual representation of some of the beauty in this country.


One might ask…what is Ethiopian culture? There is no one correct answer to that question, Ethiopia is an extremely diverse country. This video will share with the world only a small amount about the many unique cultures, practices, and people living here. We hope you learn a little bit about Ethiopia and enjoy the video!
This video was submitted for consideration in the Peace Corps Week 2014 (#PCWeek2014) Video Challenge, “Cultural Windows: What I wish Americans knew about my Peace Corps country.” This contest encourages currently serving and returned Peace Corps Volunteers to help Americans better understand their country of service through engaging videos. This video does not reflect the official views of the Peace Corps or U.S. Government.

“Peace Corps Week is about sharing the Volunteer experience and the incredible cultural exchange that results from Peace Corps service. I encourage both current and returned volunteers to participate in Peace Corps Week to share the world with their local communities and bring Peace Corps service to life.” - Acting Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet




Congratulations to David Malana, a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, whose “Kyrgyzstan is Me” video was selected as the winner of our 2014 Peace Corps Week Video Contest!

His was selected based on its ability to increase cross-cultural understanding, the cultural richness of the video, and the quality of the video production. As winner of the competition, he will receive an iPad to help him as he continues to share his country of service with the world.

Spend your weekend watching all the great entries