pcv problems

When it rains, it pours

It’s TMI Tuesday…

…I have been to the toilet 8 times between 10pm and 9:30am with extremely unpleasant movements.

Bacterial infection anyone? I have only gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom this morning, and I have a feeling that’s going to be the rest of my day.


Extended Stay in MGA


So after taking the GREs yesterday, I was planning on going up to Estelí (3 hours from Jalapa instead of 6.5) and meet up with a gf today to have brunch before going back to my puppy.

Ehh, wrong. 

Remember when I was feeling down not too long ago? I finally saw a PC doctor about it and they want me to see a psychologist tomorrow. Since it’s Colombus Day for all of you stateside people, the PC staff all get the day off, too (and all Nica holidays, as well…not too shabby of a job, huh?). 

Meaning, I have to stay till TUESDAY to do a follow up with a PC doctor about my appt tomorrow. Also meaning, I won’t get home till 7pm at the earliest on Tuesday night.


I only packed for 2 days and didn’t bring any workout wear. I’ve also been doing a lot of sink laundry to keep smelling fresh. Meh.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll attempt a T-25 sin sports bra; and prove what kind of support that VS can offer.

Either way, I don’t want to be in Managua anymore. It’s too expensive and too far away from my puppy.