pct backpacking gear


I’ll tell you why I like photography, when I look back at my photos I can’t help but to relive the moment captured in just a few pixels.

Back in the dead of night, laying in the grass with that sky full of the heavens suspended over head.

Back in the dirt, sitting beside the campfire, watching the light dance along the branches overhead.

I’m back in the alpine, sweating with the effort of the climb and thinking to myself why do I do this?

Back on the highline, frozen by the fear of doubt and terrified by the great depth below but willing to stand and fall.

I’m back in the ocean, floating in the cold Atlantic waves staring out into an approaching storm.

Back in the moments that capture my imagination and the memories that shine so bright.
Photography is the medium I choose to remember.


There is something about living on the trail that captivates me. It’s not romantic like everyone makes it out to be. It’s not the picture perfect campsites or manicured landscapes you’ll see x100 times today. 

It’s gritty, but I like the dirt. 

It’s painful, but there are stories in your blisters.  

It’s uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

There is beauty in discomfort. 

We camped high above the valley we had earlier traversed. The sun set and the stars welcomed us in. Best campsite i ever had.