New lock pick set from Law Industries.

This pick set comes packed inside of a working Sharpie marker. The weight of the marker and pick set is .6 oz, the weight of a real marker is .3 oz, so the difference is negligible. The biggest difference is that the set makes the marker butt heavy. Most people would never notice.

The wrench is a custom model, made by law66, specifically for me.

This pick set makes me feel a bit like James Bond. Not only is it cool, it is functional. With a few minutes practice, I was able to defeat a deadbolt. The time it takes is on me, since I’m pretty new to this skill set.


Project Black Box:

The idea of this project was to make people look at what they do and reassess the way they do tasks. At training days or events people look through the wares and grab everything they perceive they need. Its great to have them without a doubt, but off duty some don’t carry those tools. The aim is to show them that they can think and problem solve off duty or if the situation they are in leaves them with those items removed/lost. Part of the training for Royal Marine Commandos involves dropping them in the middle of no where in Scotland with a base layer, boxers, boots with no laces and nothing else.  This enforced mindset of finding problem solvers to their own situation is invaluable. Finding yourself in a situation where you have escaped, or on the run, without the gear you would normally carry, but having your brain accept the P.M.A (Positive Mental Attitude) to find alternatives offers the greatest boost to your survival and success. This test works in a similar way and has been conducted at other peoples homes to leave them in unfamiliar surroundings to find solutions or items they can use.

So here is my BlackBox. This one challenged me to not look at my usual stash to obtain parts for a part of a standard belt kit. I wanted to find things in the garage, shed or the special place men have somewhere. The Thing Drawer! (The little place you throw all that stuff you don’t want to throw out as it will come in handy at some point.) So lets get a look at the contents of this one.

  • Waterproof paper, perfect addition for making notes, or for drawing maps before dropping into a valley.
  • Fresnel Lens, 4x magnification with medical and firelighting uses.
  • Signal Marker panel, makes night time signalling simple. Exceeds US coastguard spec. Found it in the pack for my mountain bike.
  • Water sterilisation tablets. I carry these in everything, Im always out and Im never without these or the water bag.
  • 1.5" cyalume. Discovered in the tackle box, a great addition to have handy. Only four hour but some light is better than no light at all.
  • Six feet ultra thin 100Ib coated steel. Found in the tackle box, its strong, handy, versatile and too good to pass up.
  • Three scalpel blades, found in the first aid kit in the garage. Loads of uses and easy to use.
  • Water bag, one litre, always in my pocket.
  • Five tindertabs with a mini firesteel in one. Ive been carrying these in my pocket for some time. The compact sizes is enough for an emergency.
  • Sailors sewing needle. A great addition to the kit, found in the garage in a box with some other items. A nail or tack would work just as well.
  • Folding saw, found in the bike pack, not sure why its their but its a tool worthy to have. Ideally a folding razor saw would be the better solution but I’ll take it as part of the box.
  • Pencil, I found a few in the garage while digging around, cut one down to save space.
  • Multipack items. Safety pins with about three feet of the ultra strong cord I use for some of the other projects. A compact fishing kit if nothing else.
  • Bobby pins, a great universal tool. A P38 can opener, 99 documented uses for these so who could resist one. An old plain dog tag. A mirror for checking yourself, signalling etc. A compass also.

So, there is a lot in the box and still space left which to me is best left to add more things you find while out and about. I can think of a lot of uses for each item and for me that justifies its addition. Some of the items are not the highest quality as they were from the garage or around the house. It will work when you need it too making any situation better.

Upon reflection its an interesting exercise to free your brain from the normal routine of training offered and expand your thought process into other areas. Having the right tools for the job is by far the best foundation for success, there is no denying that. We all know that real life can separate you from those tools and leave you far from the canopy of your comfort zone. This demonstrates your ability or failure to solve problems with other tools, even if you have to make them. Highlighting a weakness in your skills helps you plug a gap. This can in turn boost your survival ability should you need it.

From seeing the kit offered by pcordnsuch, or the other kit offered by wndsn some of the items seem to be a staple essential. There is no right or wrong and thats important to note. What you think would serve you and your lifestyle may differ greatly.

My thanks to everyone who got involved, and if you have a go yourself let me know what you opt for. My special thanks to a good Para friend who spent three weeks working on his kit and when I saw it he had filled it with water sterilisation tablets and condoms. I’ve really not laughed so much in a long time. He was using condoms for water carry he claimed but he had an awful lot of them! My thanks also to others who took part and filled the boxes with lists from manufacturers and highlighted my point. They are now going back to look at the kits more closely and from continued emails and conversation they are starting to think a little more freely. My sincere thanks to everyone who took part, and thanks to those that have been called away unable to complete their boxes due to being on duty.

For mainstream items for your EDC dont forget the Law Industries Store

pcordnsuch I had the same worries about my oldest lad (he’s 7 now).
We were at the park one day (he was four at the time about a month before he started school) when some foreign kid started tapping him with a stick. My son said “stop that please it hurts”. So this kid carries on (in full view of his own parents) & starts hitting my son harder. At this point I was ready to snap the kids neck & knock out the teeth of his lazy useless parents who were watching it happening but we’re doing nothing about it.
Until I noticed my sons face. He took the stick from this older child & hit him so hard round the head with it he was left barely conscious on the floor. Only then did this kids parents decide to do any parenting but turned on my son. They got told in no uncertain terms what my opinion was. I had thought that there would be a language barrier but it turned out they were/are resident in this country & they and their child spoke perfect English.
Goes to show parenting standards differ greatly across nations/ Europe.
Schools don’t seen to have power within the law/ legal backing to be able to properly deal with this behaviour in a way that is long lasting and effective. I worry more for when he goes to senior school.


I received an eagerly awaited package from Law Industries the other day. In it, among other things, was an EDC Firestarter Kit, a survival water bag and extra Tinder Tabs. Using these items, I made up another survival kit.

The EDC Firestarter Kit contained a mini compass, 2 surgical blades, 3 Tinder Tabs, a mini firesteel, and 3 bobby pins. Law Industries reserves the right to change/update the contents based on preference and feedback.

Everything in this kit fits into both the Mini SERE Pouch and Covert Wallet, also available from Law Industries.

Since I didn’t have a tobacco tin, I used an Altoids tin, which works perfectly. In the tin, I was able to fit all of the Firestarter Kit and the water bag, as well as the following: a mini Bic wrapped with several feet of jute (fire making supplies), 2 green soap wipes and 1 sting kill wipe, 4 small nylon ties wrapped with 2 ft of gutted paracord, 1 safety pin, and 2 Sheets energy strips. Polishing the inside of inside of the lid gives a reflective surface for signaling.
The entire kit fits inside of the bag that contained the Firestarter Kit.

The size of the kit allows you to carry it on your person and not in you ruck, or bergen, for my British friends.

Law Industries has put together an excellent starter kit that allows you to do more than just start a fire. This could actually be used an the base for your own E&E kit, or replacement for items you have used.

You don’t need to be a member of SEAL Team SIX, the SAS, or a Ranger to need or use the contents of this kit. Look around at all of the natural disasters and political unrest all over the world. Having something this small and inexpensive with you is a simple piece of insurance. If you do buy the EDC Firestarter Kit, be sure to understand how to use the contents and practice with them. The day you need to make a fire is not the day to learn how.


Items mentioned above are available here:


Here is my latest offering, survival tin knives. This is from an order I am getting ready to deliver.

They are high carbon and semi stainless steel. This means they take and hold a decent edge, don’t rust away when wet, but they don’t reliably throw sparks.

I can make any blade shape that is wanted, but the drop and spear points are most useful in a survival situation. There is a small section of teeth on the back for cutting plastic restraints or notching wood. Given enough time, you could even cut mild steel.

I specifically sized them to go into the Mini SERE Pouch from Law Industries. They also fit into a very full survival tin.

For more information or sales, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

Law Industries- lawindustries.co.uk


Windson Low Tech

Glow Tabs

I received this glow tab from @pcordnsuch — a small hard glow-in-the-dark bar, about 45mm long, very nicely finished with an almost jewelry-like feel to it. Also, it’s bright enough to serve as a marker or as an orientation aid in total darkness and will glow for quite some time, starting to darken after the first hour.

Curious story: The glow tab came wrapped in tape, with a note saying it is to prevent it from glowing through the envelope… I can only imagine the hazmat alerts going off along its way through the mail facilities.

Thank you mate!

Observe — Evaluate — Control
[Windson RoE]


New Glow Markers Arrived:

pcordnsuch very kindly sent me some of the brand new markers he is making. I saw the original versions and they were really good. This new version is highly refined, very simple and the finish is even better. They are brilliant!
This is a credit to the continued efforts to refine and simplify the product. I’ll test these for a bit and feedback.


Carpe Noctum:

I received a package from pcordnsuch with some very interesting items in it. One of which is the above Glowing Marker. (I just call it a Glow Worm) Its a very simple item, nothing complicated at all and with some light exposure it will glow happily all night.

The list of uses is quite long, from map reading, distance marking, path marking to signalling if you tie it to a cord and swing it above your head to attract attention. Slip it on a pack or clothing with the velcro backing or use the hole to put it on a lanyard. Nothing could be simpler!

More testing to come and I hear there is a store coming very soon also! Email him directly for stock and to purchase pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

Bracelet Work In Progress:

wndsn makes some amazing bracelets. pcordnsuch also makes some incredible items using cobra stitched man knitting. Ive spent a few months trying to develop a bracelet but I admit, so far I can only bow down in the shadow of greatness to the above and the likes of snakedrblog.

My best effort above so far is now in testing. You cant see the shim, and it will still go through more changes before its finalised adding more items.
Its been a challenge, Im out of my depth with things like this but every one should do things out of their comfort zone.


Windson Low Tech


@pcordnsuch sent me a surprise package… Two different microknives complete with lanyards, a small scraper made from what feels like G10, and a miniature glow tab, as well as a patch of some glowing material that is amazingly bright.

Thank you mate! Putting things together and revisiting after some abuse.

Observe – Evaluate – Control
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While waiting to heal up from my operation, I’ve been going through some of my EDC, reviewing what I carry as well as seeing what I can pare down.

One item that I have recently started carrying with me is a Wookie Pouch from Law Industries. I chose it for a back up to a bug out bag because it isn’t too tactical looking and it will fit into the front pocket of my jeans, or a jacket pocket. This is replacing an Altoids sized tin that I occasionally carried. It is pretty close in size to those CPR pouches everyone carries. So far, no one has given it a second look.

The pouch, as loaded, weighs 4.7oz. For reference, my EDC Emerson Bulldog weighs 4.7 oz, a Spyderco Endura weights 3.7 oz.

In it I carry a few thing that can get me through a bad day or night. I’ve got fire starting supplies, a button flashlight, compass, two glow markers, some sewing supplies, gauze/bandages, duct tape and an extra knife. I also carry a few Cystex pills (anti-bacterial/analgesic) and a fresnel lens. I’ve still got room to tuck in a few extra supplies and paper money if I feel the need.

The carry ring I put on it is a ring from a flash-bang expended during some recent training.

If you have any questions or comments, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

Cystex pills can be found at Walgreens or here- http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000052YF7/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1421021327&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SY200_QL40. They work wonders, but use them only according to the label instructions.


I received a set of Law Industries Compliance Restraints about a month ago. I have spent this time carrying them and testing them out; on willing subjects, of course. The pictures of them in use were taken on someone I didn’t want to hurt, this is why I don’t have the arms swept all the way into a compliance position.

They are a simple combination of paracord and cord locks. The locks are arranged to allow for quick tightening. They are removable and reusable. The restraints are simple to use and should even be easily applied in a high stress situation.

They carry easily just about anywhere. I normally keep them in a pocket, where they are readily available. I also found that they will fit into the Mini SERE pouch, with the end sticking out for quick access.

My thoughts on the Compliant Restraints are this:
They are a good to carry for an emergency situation where a person might need to be restrained after a criminal act. When using these, restrain the person, then get them into real restraints as soon as possible. When they were on me, I was able to defeat them in a few minutes. Of course, I am pretty familiar with them an how they work. I think that initial placement will hold a person for a few minutes. A way to keep the person a little more secure is to wrap the free end around a belt it belt loop. Or, you can use a belt to add a second layer of security- wrap the elbows tightly together or wrap the ankles with the belt and use the free end to tie the wrists to the belt. In any case, get the person into real restraints ASAP.

One word of caution when using any sort of restraints. Make very sure that you have a justified reason to restrain someone. Unlawfully restraining or detaining someone can be considered kidnapping. Think about using restraints like you would use a weapon for defense. There is a time and place for defending yourself and there is a time and place for restraining a person. Waving a gun around will get you into trouble. Threatening to restrain someone will get you into trouble. Like defense, restraint is something you do, not threaten to do.

These restraints are a great thing to have with you all of the time. I don’t see a problem taking them just about anywhere. Law Industries is able to supply different colors of paracord with the restraints; just ask what is available.

If you have any questions, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

Law Industries- lawindustries.co.uk

Another G10 project that has gotten very good feedback.

This was made to fit inside of a police officer’s carrier vest, as a last ditch tool. It is made from ¼" G10. The edge isn’t sharp, which is by design. There is no need for a special sheath. I just used 1" webbing and don’t have to worry about cutting anything. It will open a letter, if you want to use it that way and it can be sharpened, if you want. The pointy end works very well, though.

Some people are going to wrap theirs with hockey tape or even gutted paracord. My idea is for something very flat, the handle wrap is to help conform to a specific hand.

If you have any questions, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

Im not against Animal testing:

My good friend pcordnsuch asked if I would test some of his little survival knives. Im always happy to help out so he sent a couple over. Ive had them a few weeks or so and carried them on me when out in the wilds, used them for odd little jobs around the homestead and even managed to get them inside an animal to ‘disassemble’ it a bit.

These are made from high quality saw blades, they are thin, light and easy to keep sharp. For me the one that worked best was the top blade, its slightly fuller belly just worked easier when I needed it too. You can carry a scalpel blade, of course, but holding them is the problem unless you take time to make something to hold them where as these just work all in one and weigh the same.

The rear works on a firesteel, the tip penetrates nicely and if you need to gut fish or small critters it handles the task perfectly. You can skin a badger with one, it will just take a little time! (take it from me you can do that!)

Im not sure if these are in full production yet, but if you email him and ask Im sure he would make you one up. Contact him at pcordnsuch@gmail.com or follow him pcordnsuch.tumblr.com

Hes genuinely a really nice chap, very polite and really helpful. These make a great addition to any survival pack you make. Great work and I like the thinking behind them!

Here is my Survival Tin Knife 2.0. Based on feedback and my desire to make a better knife, I made a few changes.

The original coating has been removed and the metal had smoothed with 0000 steel wool. After shaping the blade, I etched the steel. The handle is given a rubber coating. The bevels are thinner for better cutting efficiency.

I have sent a few of these out to people who purchased the original version. I’m eager to see what they think.

For purchasing these, or any questions, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

The other day, I received my latest order from Oscar Delta. I now have three generations of the Disruptive Thinker patch- original has a white face, second generation has a Velcro face to hide in plain sight and the new patch is the new Black Ops version. I feel fortunate to have all three.

I also received 2 uber shims, which I’m going to start working with in the next week.

Snake Dr. also included a GITD power button and a couple of mini glow sticks. He always throws in a goodie or two.


Glow Bits

I have had a bit of waste when making things. Mostly, it has been from bad cuts or things that have chipped. I used to throw these bits away, but I realized that I can get second life from some things, enter Glow Bits.

What I have done is taken the pieces and bonded them to the material I make my Glow Markers from. I try to follow the shapes I have to minimize waste. I have been doing this for a while and just hanging on to them. I always carry one so I have something to fiddle with when I have to sit still for a while. A friend saw them and asked about buying one. After a bit of interest in them, I decided to make them more widely available.

I am selling them for $18, including standard shipping.

These aren’t something I make to order, they are just left over pieces. They will be varying shapes and sizes and have different colored materials bonded to the glow material. I have made them from marbled polyester, synthetic ivory, synthetic amber and G10. These most recent ones are made from synthetic stone. The stone chipped horribly when I was trying to cut it, so these aren’t perfectly square or flat. I shaped them to make the nicest looking pieces possible.

People have used them as paperweights, desk toys and as glow markers for when they are in an unfamiliar room when traveling. As you can see, they are bright enough to read by when fully charged. They will glow all night with diminishing brightness for 8+ hours.

Email me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com to see what I have in stock. I’ll send pictures of what I have available at the time or keep your name for when I make more.


I bought a couple of knives for my boys. They were advertised on Amazon as Iain Sinclair Cardsharp 2 knife. When we got them, it was obvious they were not. Crappy steel and plastic that wouldn’t hold its shape. It really pisses me off to get knock if gear when I order the original.

Then, I got a real Cardsharp knife, the Cardsharp 4. It has aluminum handles and an upgraded lock system, for both open and closed positions. The blade was sharp and cuts like crazy. It cleanly cut cardboard while the knockoff made a mess, even after sharpening. I also cut smoked salmon smoothly, which can be tricky with a small blade.

The knife fits into an Altoids tin, so it could be a decent bug out knife. It is flat enough to be carried just about anywhere. I could see this taped to the small of your back or on your side. It would be easy enough to miss in an unprofessional pat down.

It won’t cut steel drums or slay dragons, but it will be a decent cutter if the need arises. Plus, it just looks cool. I showed it to a friend, who isn’t a knife guy, and he was impressed. He messed around with it for about 5 minutes before handing it back.

The low end model is $9, the one like I have is $90. The $9 one would be great to store in your BOBs and it won’t make you cry if you loose it. It’s the same price as the Seen On TV Micro Knife, but much better quality, as well as being the original.

The knives can be purchased at Iainsinclair.com. Any questions, contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com.

I was getting read for a trip and l thought I would share how I deal with power needs away from home.

First up is a battery pack from NewTrent. I have owned several battery packs before (including Zagg), but this one is by far the best. It has a 4 LED readout to verify the charge. It turns off, so it won’t self discharge; it has been over a month since it’s last charge and it is 75% full. There are two charging outlets- 2.1A and 1.5A. About the only thing this won’t charge are some Samsung products, unless you use a Samsung cord. I have all Apple stuff now, and it works fine with everything. I get about 3 charges on my iPhone 5S and ¾ of a charge on my iPad Mini and the wife gets about ½ charge on her iPad Air. You can charge two items at once, but dual charging only gives 1.5A per outlet. Charging is done via a built in USB cable. Takes just a few hours or charge up.

Next up is a two port charging block I bought off of Amazon. I don’t remember who makes it, but I know you can still buy them, Amazon is always giving me ads for them. It also has both 2.1A and 1.5A ports. This is nice, because I can charge two things at once. I keep it and an Apple Lightning cable in a case I purchased from CountyComm.

Finally, I keep two sets of batteries for my SureFire flashlight in a battery carrier I bought from CountyComm. This holds the batteries secure, and I don’t have to worry about them arcing against each other.

Questions? Contact me at pcordnsuch@gmail.com

SSB2 bag available from oscardelta.co.uk
MiniSere Pouch available from lawindustries.co.uk