Hi everyone!

Attending requests, this Thursday (Nov. 12) we will be using again the hashtag #WeWantBamon on Twitter, it’s not a trend just make sure to tweet as much as you can through the day. Make sure to use the hashtag while watching the episode as well. If you can’t be there but still want to help here are some alternatives:

Make sure to schedule/draft some tweets whenever you can. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to do so here. (In case we missed something let us know.)

You can use drafts on Twitter app. Works on Mobile

Tweetdeck for scheduling the tweets. Works on PC

Futuretweets for scheduling the tweets. Works on PC

Hootsuite for scheduling tweets. Works on Mobile and PC

One more thing, make sure to add the hashtags #TVD #Bamon and tweet @TVDWriters, @julieplec, @carolinedries, @cwtvd, etc…, if possible, thanks!