hello!project color meme: the reds (kanazawa tomoko, sayashi riho, inaba manaka, kusumi koharu, takeuchi akari, sugaya risako, yajima maimi, fujimoto miki, ogawa rena, wada ayaka)

“Who’s That Costume!?” - The PColor DLC costumes; Both Sets!

Sooo, seeing how the second PColor set was released today, it makes only sense I’d make a post comparing these costumes to the characters they are supposed to be reminiscent of. 

Why only now? Well, tbh, the first set wasn’t all that impressive; despite being more detailed than the recolors in P4U2, it was still pretty basic and in no way directly resembling the characters the costumes were based on.

Not so with the second Set, which imitates the characters used for inspiration as closely as possible with the model bases already present in the game, giving some pretty impressive costumes for a very low price (Currently, the set is even free for a limited time!) and making this set a must-own for any fans of the first three Persona Games (P1, P2IS, P2EP). Now, without any further ado, let the comparision begin!

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