pcl arts

Did I ever officially mention how much I love this nerd? Because I LOVE CLEMONT. I just had to draw him x3

I was scared the dub staff was going to mess up his English voice, and I was kind of iffy about it at first, but now I think it fits him pretty well. I can’t wait to see more of him, sub and dub!


With the opening of new spaces at the Perry-Castañeda Library this year — the Learning Commons, the STEM Study Area and the Scholars Commons — came additional tools, including an array of new whiteboards to support student work

Of course, one of the byproducts of work is the occasional distraction, and once again, the denizens of PCL haven’t disappointed with their artistic and rhetorical endeavors on these random canvasses throughout the building. 

In fits of creativity, releases of pent-up anxiety, offerings of encouragement and praise, or simple expressions of existential validation, students — in temporary distraction — have provided an opportunity for further distraction with this online gallery of images for Spring 2016 semester PCL whiteboard art. 

Enjoy, and good luck on finals! 

Friendly reminder that Bill is watching c:

I just downloaded FireAlpaca so I wanted to try it out, but this turned out to be the wrong type of file to upload to Tumblr or anywhere else on the internet for that matter. So, I cheated and took a picture of the screen. (if anyone is able to help me fix this problem of uploading, please do so!! [The files save as .mdp for some reason *shrugs*])

Please excuse the scraggly lines. This was really just for practice and looking at the tools anyway.