Bsd Pacific Rim AU

(has this been done yet? If so I’m sorry! Every fandom needs this AU)

  • starting with Dazai picking Atsushi off the streets. Atsushi was orphaned by a Kaiju when he was little and has fended for himself all this time. He’s a cinnamon roll as always, not exactly hating the kaijuus, but more concerned of how he shall survive
  • Dazai immediately sees him as a potential pilot for his little Jaeger project. Partnering him with… dam dam dam Akutagawa
  • Akutagawa is a Jaeger trainee, perfect simulator results and everything. Unfortunately he’s drift incompatible with nearly everyone. Therefore he’s currently sulking at the base
  • his one and only succesful drift compability has been with Dazai who is compatible with basically everyone. Once they got to share each others memories though, Dazai forcefully cut the connection, not letting Akutagawa in his head. Akutagawa is still hurt and pissed because of this. That’s the thing with Dazai though: he’s compatible with everyone but doesn’t let anyone close enough and into his head. The higher ups are desperate
  • so when Dazai brings home Atsushi everyone hopes that he will drift with Akutagawa. Atsushi is more than a little intimidated, having no prior training at all. Akutagawa is PISSED, having to share his head with an absolute rookie who knows nothing. Hateful insults ensure. And then turns out Dazai was right all along and the two turn out to be drift compatible. So they have to arrange and get close to each other
  • While living at the base Atsushi meets a lot of illustrious characters: base operators Fukuzawa and Mouri who hate each other though have to arrange in face of the threat to the world, medic Yosano (no Jaeger pilot ever wants to get injured and face her wrath), scientists Ranpo and Poe, who do everything but research and Jaeger Operator Kunikida who is getting gray hair because of this mess
  • One day Atsushi meets a small angry man in the base who berates him on his fighting style. Turns out that this man is Chuuya, Dazai’s former drift partner of the famous Jaeger Double Black. Unfortunately the two of them had a terrible fallout which left Dazai unable to drift with anyone else and Chuuya refusing to ever go into a Jaeger again. Nobody knows what the fallout’s been about (I can’t live w/o Soukoku I’m sorry) This takes out the bases one and only perfectly functioning Jaeger team and leaving the whole of Japan vunerable to attacks. And kind of leaving Chuuya jobless so he’s aimlessly wandering around the base and avoiding meeting Dazai
  • the only Jaeger teams that are left are rookie pilots Higuchi and Gin who may be good at drifting but are still totally inexperienced and Jaeger team Tanizaki which is currently nursing themselves after the latest Kaijuu attack. There is a dire need for Akutagawa and Atsushi to form a team and drift together, but time’s running short and how can they drift together if they cannot even stay in one room without totally wracking it? (courtesy of Akutagawa of course)

Oh god this has turned out long… and terrible. I’m sorry I had to let this out. I don’t have time to write for the next… month but have sooo many headcanons! And hey it’s Shin Soukoku this time~ yay? I love Pacific Rim and the whole concept and I love Bsd so this was easier than expected. Well for the most part. Are there any other possible compatible Jaeger teams??

My Pacific Rim Review

I saw Pacific Rim last night. I enjoyed it. The most honest thing I can say about it is this: 

It was everything I hoped it would be, and nothing more. 

Director Guillermo del Toro has given something very special to a certain segment of the population. When I saw the very first trailer for this film I said “This is a movie, tailor made, for nerds” (seriously, ask my friends, I said it). Well Mr. del Toro, you did not disappoint. 

The movie starts out with a premise (I don’t consider this a spoiler, as it was in every promo every released): There is a portal from another dimension deep in the Pacific ocean, and giant monsters (Kaiju) emerge periodically from said portal and attack costal cities. In response to this, humanity bands together and builds an army of giant robots (Jaegers), each piloted by a team of two pilots, to do battle and beat the living snot out of these invaders. How badass is that! That is where the film starts, and that’s where things get interesting (wait, giant robots vs giant monsters wasn’t interesting?). 

The points I enjoyed about this picture are as follows, in no particular order: 

The visuals are utterly spectacular! The design of the Jaegers and Kaiju are creative, diverse, and extremely detailed. The choreography of the battles are intense and dynamic. And Guillermo has bumped up his over saturation of color, contrast, and atmosphere to the next level. All of which makes for some incredibly beautiful visuals.

Actors Idris Elba (Stacker Pentecost), Rinko Kikuchi (Mako Mori), and Clifton Collins Jr. (Tendo Choi) are wonderful. Even Charlie Day (Dr. Newton Geiszler aka “Newt”) and Burn Gorman (Gottlieb) did a good job of adding some levity. With a special nod to Mr. Elba, they give a level of gravitas to an otherwise mediocre cast.

I was pleasantly surprised at how lighthearted this movie was. It starts off with an intense gravely voiced monologue, but even this is almost a parody. As dark and foreboding as the premise is, they never forget that this is giant robots beating up giant monsters, and it should be fun!

Lastly (I know there’s only four things on this list, but this last one is huge) I loved all of the “nerd culture” references. The film is basically a celebration of all things geeky, and not just popular nerd culture either, peppered throughout are (both subtle and not so subtle) nods to obscure scifi, fantasy, video games, and anime. So thank you Guillermo del Toro, for reminding me why I love his genre so very much.

As enjoyable as Pacific Rim was, there are some things that I felt were lacking:

As I said before, other than a few standouts, the cast was a bit underwhelming. They all did decent jobs, but could have been better.

There was a distinct lack of character development. In the first 10 minutes the main character experiences a dramatic change in his motivation, but other than that, everyone pretty much stays the same. 

In the same line, as much as I loved all the references, there were definitely some plot holes. There are many events, actions, and concepts that go completely unexplained. It’s not a huge issue, but this is definitely one of my pet peeves in movies.

So, taking all of this into account, I personally felt that the positives greatly outweighed the negatives. But that is an absolutely subjective thing. If you are interested in a fun, colorful, not too heavy handed “end of the world” flick, definitely give this a shot. If you’re looking for a well made, thoughtful, and serious giant robot vs. monsters movie… good luck with that.


Fairy Rim(Fairy Tail/Pcific Rim crossover)

“Gypsy Dragon report to bay 4. Gypsy Dragon report to bay 4.”

The voice kept repeating over the intercom of the Jaeger base and one of Gypsy Dragon’s pilots was running to bay 4 since she knew that this was an exercise.