Context: I’m playing a Halfling with moderate speed and a very high jump distance. We’re currently trapped in a cave with only pillars to hide behind as a hoard of some 200 goblins waits to kill us if they see us. 

DM: Roll for dexterity!

Me: *Rolls a Nat 20 with +4 bonus* … PCHOOO!

DM: *Starts laughing* No one can believe it as they suddenly see a Halfling Blur go zooming past everyone to the next gate.

durgeth  asked:

What happens when Simic and Izzet collaborate on a project?

Simic: While Izzet and I get along very well, and we do tend bounce ideas off each other, we seldom end up directly working on a project together. We’ve got different styles of working, you see. My projects are… organic. They flow from one idea to the next, and the end product will always have traces of the starting idea, no matter how far along you get. Meanwhile, Izzet’s projects are a bit more… eccentric. Their ideas come like bolts of inspiration out of the blue, and they’ll often drop the original idea if they get “bored” with it.

Izzet: alright imma level with you for a sec. sim and me? we’re tight as hell. but oh my good sweet lord if they don’t take their sweet-ass time on every little planning detail i am about to lose my MIND just thinkin bout it. i gotta get pen to paper paper to workbench and workbench to prototype in like a DAY or else i lose the train and it just goes right off the track like pchooo, see ya later or maybe not, i don’t know, you ain’t on the rails anymore. so yeah.

Simic: That being said, when we do mesh on a project, the results tend to be…

Izzet: ART~.

Simic: Exactly.

Izzet: we turned my jeep into a transformer

Simic: I drew up the plans.

Izzet: i made my baby fly