The Gander of Swan Lake. 

First place in the PCGB (Poultry Club of Great Britain) National Championship show!

My Beloved pet goose who I have grown into adulthood with with since the age of 5. He is a hero in my eyes; earlier this year he took on two husky dogs who invaded our garden in order to protect our flock of chickens. He came out the other end looking like he wasn’t going to make it, his leg was ripped, and he had a punctured air sack, but he made it through the night thanks to West Bar vets at Banbury, and went on to make a full recovery. It touches me that he could have fled and hidden, but instead he was willing to give his life to protect out other birds. This photograph was taken after his full recovery:’)

Photograph © Emma Thorpe (Snowy-huskywolf Photography)


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