I like this coconut juice. It’s cheap and yummy and let me reiterate–so much cheaper than in America. We’re talking 2.5 yuan here.

When I first came to China, shopping was exciting and confusing and actually really overwhelming. My reading skills were non-existent. People in shops often crowd around you, hoping to help but often just leading you to decide to leave instead of browsing.

I thought it might be nice to create a little online database of sorts, filled with yummy/convenient/nice things that Peace Corps China volunteers have discovered. Of course, it’s fun to find things out on your own…but I’m curious about what everyone else is loving!

So. If you want to contribute to this venture, you can add your faves under #pcchinalikes here on tumblr, and I’ve also started the same hashtag on Instagram.

I hope my China PCV friends will be into this idea…I wanna learn what stuff you like at your site! Feel free to reblog this to let other PCVs in on the fun too :)