Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - V → Villain | Sonia Roy (Aitraaz, 2004)

“Aitraaz fully belongs to Priyanka Chopra, who is simply amazing in an all-out villainous turn as the vicious and devious manipulator Sonia. She plays a glamorous role with a gray shade. Priyanka gets an opportunity to bear her claws and she does it with complete understanding of the character. She sneaks her way through the role like an expert, drawing audience hatred the way a magnet collects iron filings. This is among her most memorable performances.”


Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - K → Krrish (2006)

“I fail to understand why people would think I got a raw deal out of Krrish, considering I was present all through the film, from the beginning till the end. Krrish has done a business of Rs 150 crores. It’s popular and is almost giving Superman a run for its money, so what more convincing is required to get the point across? I’m very happy with the response I got for the film. I’m happy with my role. I’ve learnt that you can’t always please everyone in any case. And Krrish is my moment of success; I will not allow anyone to take that away from me.”


Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - O → Outfits

“I have worked the longest with Priyanka Chopra on a very close level. She is the most patient, intelligent and mature person for her age. For the 15 months I styled her there was not one time that the team was led to believe that we are at work. There was always a calm and fun vibe being around her. PC as we called her, was very open to new ideas and not the one to play by the rules (in a good way). She loves interacting with the entire team and getting everyone’s view. That’s the reason she loves being in touch with her fans throughout the world via Twitter or her website.”-Teena Ahuja Kapoor (PC’s former personal stylist)

Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - H → Hairstyles

“Considering [Priyanka’s] busy schedule one may think it is very difficult to manage her daily hair rituals but her vibrant spirit and professionalism make it a breeze. She is easy to work with, and not afraid to try new things. She gets a lot of inputs from different people so sometimes it gets difficult to choose one particular hairstyle but she is very open to critique and comments. She is a fun person and takes good care of her entire team. (…) Backstage moments are the most fun! One of my fave memories was at a show where she had to sport 5 different looks in 6 minutes. It was sheer madness but way too much fun!” -Priyanka Borkar (PC’s personal hair stylist)


Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - C → Co-stars

“There is no cold vibe with Priyanka. She is a fantastic actor and I really admire that about her… She is a great girl and good fun to be around.”-Ranbir Kapoor

During difficult scenes, the two were seen helping each other. They were so caught up with their roles that they were spotted discussing how to work on their characters even during the breaks between the shoots. Their friendship helped them bring out the best performance. A source from Ranbir’s camp adds, “They both really bonded well while shooting for Anjaana Anjaani. It was shot entirely in Vegas and the duo was away from friends and family for a considerable amount of time. Also PC and RK are both huge gadget freaks. They would spend a lot of time chatting about the gadgets in town. That is how the two bonded and that friendship has reflected in Barfi! as well. Plus, Ranbir really respects Priyanka as an actor. Barfi! has certainly not been an easy film but both of them have been each other’s support system.”


Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - T → Twitter and Instagram

Priyanka Chopra is the second Bollywood celebrity to cross 3 million followers on Twitter. Fans of Priyanka Chopra celebrated this new milestone with the hash tag, #3millionPCManiacs, that was highest on the India’s Twitter trend list, hours before she crossed the 3 million mark and for majority of the night of 19th October.

Priyanka thanked her fans for this achievement:

“Thank u for 3 million guys!!! U r the best! muuuuaaaah!”

Priyanka Chopra Alphabet - I → In My City

“We’ve had the privilege to hear [Priyanka’s album]. All I can say is jo bhi main kehna chahoon barbaad kare alfaaz mere. It’s on a level which our entire country, not the entire country, the entire world will envy our country. That’s the expectation I’m putting right out there and trust me, she’s going to break that expectation.“ -Ranbir Kapoor

Priyanka Chopra’s debut single, “In My City with will.i.am,” released last month, hit the #1 spot within four days of its launch and over a 100,000 singles were sold within a week of its release, a record for singles in India, where the phenomenon is not only rare but not widely accepted.

Released Sept.13 on Universal Music/2101/DesiHits!/Interscope, the track is produced by RedOne, and is an emotional, feel-good song that bridges the world of dance music with elements of nostalgia and hometown pride. The song has seen instant chart action across retail and digital stores. Available for download exclusively on the Nokia Music Store, it has also made it to the #1 spot on the International download chart. The CD format has debuted straight in at the #1 spot on the pan-India Planet M and Music World International Top 20 retail chain charts.

Priyanka, who is currently in Los Angeles to shoot the video for In My City feat is ecstatic about the single’s performance in India. “I am so overwhelmed! I can’t even begin to explain what I’m feeling… it’s so amazing that it’s been just a few days since launch and my debut single is now No. 1 on the charts. Thank you so much for the support and appreciation. This means the world to me,” she said.

Universal Music Managing Director, India / SAARC, Devraj Sanyal, said, “We have been in the non-film music business for a while and I must admit to mounting engines across all platforms that have been fired like never before on Priyanka’s global single debut. But to see these results so quickly is beyond gratifying. This is just the beginning with massive TV, radio, on-ground and digital campaigns on the verge of rolling out. I am confident that this single will break every record in music that India has had thus far. The path is also being laid for the follow-up single and the album expected in the very near future.”

Priyanka’s successful music debut has added yet another dimension to this actor, humanitarian, green crusader and brand ambassador. One of the most recognized talents in Indian cinema, Priyanka is a recipient of the prestigious Indian National Film Awards, among others. She is acknowledged as one of the most versatile actors with many path-breaking performances. Priyanka is also actively involved in her role as the National Ambassador for UNICEF in India and the Green Ambassador of a nationwide environment awareness campaign in India.