pca 2013


“Emma’s one of the most severely mind-blowing forces of my peer group in acting right now, and I think based on what’s come before this, people just have no idea what she’s capable of. She has become, in these short weeks, one of my dearest friends — I think that will be the case forever — and she is the type of artist who is going to make her true self known in time, and I personally look forward to watching an entire population of Harry Potter fans get their minds twisted into small, pretzel-ish knots over what this girl can do. That’s exciting to me.”

To be handed an award by, by this woman [Ellen] is just, uh, incredible. Um, thank you so much for this, this just means the absolute world to me. It–it is an honor to somewhat represent you out there. And it is so flattering to be exploited in your fanfiction. Um, I can’t tell you, it is the ultimate, uh, high five! So thank you so much! Thank you to our amazing crew, thank you to our wonderful fans, and the–the Klainers, the Gleeks, the all the names you have for yourselves, it’s just amazing to–to be the subject of your fandoms, so thank you, thank you so much from the bottom of our heart! And to our amazing crew and cast, thank you guys so much, I appreciate it. Thank you, thank you.
—  Chris Colfer’s acceptance speech for the 2013 People’s Choice Favorite Comedic TV Actor. [source]