congratulations jensen ackles on your PCA! 

(or the one in which misha is a proud boyfriend and nothing hurts)

“His fans are dedicated voters,” Collins’ mother, Rebecca Tippens said, “but this award was on national TV — it is kinda a big deal,” she said. “He IS a good actor and a goodly man … Of course, my subjective opinion may be a bit biased”.

Diane Broncaccio, The Recorder

They interviewed Misha’s mom about his PCA win. Don’t everybody head over there at once and break the site. :)

Some of my personal highlights of the infamous PCA video

Misha looking hot damn level of good with his hair, his relatively clean-shaven jaw, and his stupid Jim Morrison t-shirt which is going straight to every fanfic fodder in existence faster than you could say “it’s just like the blasted AC/DC t-shirt all over again”

do not presume I didn’t notice the dom!eyebrow, sir

the guNZ

“I heard some of these /queer folks/ bought the old Smith’s house, I was there yesterday and borrowed them a kettle so they could at least make themselves a cuppa, because the moving company lost their things somewhere on the way, poor dears, and I say they must be the most adorable couple in our whole neighbourhood, such nice, strapping young men, I’m tellin’ ya, Margaret”

so many of personal space feat. “when you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you”

so. I’m not saying this is a dictionary definition of “looking thirsty af”. but. like. not to be that person or anything. just. might be a bit tricky to explain that to your no homo.

this is literally a domestic!deancas au. I am watching a domestic!deancas au shot by two professional actors who play Dean and Cas for a living. in the foreground, dean thanking their new friendly neighbour for a kettle. in the background, cas kinda wanting her to go already, because they have things to do and surfaces to bang on. okay. just… okay.

btw, sincere congratulations on your award, Jensen, you really deserved it (as one person madly loving this trash show to another - you know, you are too good, too pure for it, right?) (x)