This is all I got to sketch today @__@

It’s a lot for a rookie like me.

Our blogs, from left to right, in case it’s hard to read our names:

SPHEAL: http://ezeqquiel.tumblr.com/

ROSERADE. http://themythsofsinnoh.tumblr.com/

SHELLDER: http://pc4sh.tumblr.com/

VANILLITE: http://sobbingovershikamaru.tumblr.com/

IVYSAUR: http://jomama120.tumblr.com/

PHANPY: http://mylittlepokeymans.tumblr.com/ (I misspelled your username in the pic, I’m sorry)

I have no idea what they’re supposed to be looking at, so I improvised ^__^;;

I guess I’ll draw the rest over the weekend, idk

Quick shout out to all my shiny hunting friends that I’ve made here on Tumblr:

I really hope that your Badge Quest is going well, I know plenty of people are starting one, including myself! Good luck on all of your hunts, I really appreciate all of your determination.

I think there should be a gang of shiny hunters, we should be called: “Team Sparkle”
I like that.


Third shiny badge quest!!!!!
I wanted the male but I don’t even care!!!
  Watching harry potter too!!!!

So I named her Luna!

She appeared really fast! about 15 hours! I’m estimated 180-220 encounter PER hour! Meaning, she showed up after around 2,700 and 3,300 REs! All my pokemon I have, if they weren’t shiny are all blue!

She was very unexpected so I was not recording!

pc4sh said: Waahh! So pretty!! Congratulations! She’ll become a fabulous green Nidoqueen wow!! <3 Again, major congrats!!

Thank you :D I can’t wait to get a moon stone now lol also thanks for congrats on Zubat too! I keep forgetting to reply since this new activity bar on tumblr now xD

pc4sh replied to your photo “Amelia practicing how to fly on the beach!! I’ve been imagining the…”

Aw this is so adorable! And wow what a beautiful background and colors wow! *3* So amazing! I really love the poses and little story awww

;w; Thank you!!

pkmndaisuki replied to your photo “Amelia practicing how to fly on the beach!! I’ve been imagining the…”

:DDDD SMALL MOTHER IN COLOR! this is fantastic! very well done!

I actually drew a previous pic with all of them in color! Like, a week ago! http://feriowind.tumblr.com/post/62035196613/newt-looks-into-the-development-of-super-crops-in


I only coloured PC4SH’s lines.

She was incredibly kind and drew these for me. My favourite Pokemon ship: Spheal and Happiny, based on a Mystery Dungeon game I hacked to have these two as protagonists, whose characters were inspired by my wife and myself.

Here’s the Tumblr post of her lines: 

I just HAD to colour them; I can’t stop feeling grateful towards her, she’s an amazing person, and a wonderful artist; you better check out her gallery/tumblr if you haven’t already.


Colored much faster sorry if it isn’t really neat but I had fun!

Some Project Dream (Winks winks at you) reference I had with PC4SH. We though using then in PDM drawing thing with PK but finally never applicated to the thing.

I was a couragous Krabby (Named Eddison) and my twin a Shellder wannabe pirate (Named Blackeye).

pc4sh  asked:

Bonjour! //Mild Pokémon X/Y Spoilers ahead // Is it true that the Poké Radar is coming back in Pokémon X / Y? I've seen it in a text post on two tumblrs, but I still can't believe it! (Not that it makes me sad, it's completely the opposite!) Do you happen to know some about? :3

[SPOILERS] Yes :3 Serebii has been posting things about the game and that is one of the things! It posted it is making a return! I’ll go copy the section and post it here!

“13:44: You can get give the Poké Radar later in the game”

pc4sh  asked:

kfjdhgkjdhfg I don't really know if you saw this aaahh but more bruce/prof sycamore for youuuu 25(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/4a1427913d26781bd13e8cad6985f785/tumblr_mpsafae2qQ1rwudczo1_1280(.)png (without the "( )")