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Hey Deox/Rebs You said to someone that Night Terror Is on Wii 360 PS3 and pc but Isnt the year like, 2020? People are still making games for those consoles? (sorry if I got my dates wrong but I just had to ask If You messed up)

Tru but I’m just talking abt consoles we have currently

I really need to find like, knee or leg strengthening exercises. All this office work and excessive PC gaming after years of excessive handball playing has seriously fucked my legs up. My knees are disgustingly brittle

I’m kind of at the top of the pc master race totem pole, as you can clearly tell. 

Don’t even try to make a case for your console until it can print and play on some sweet as glossy paper mmk? 

Better yet, let’s see you have a game that is made for girls, like that Barbie game clearly points out on the top left corner.

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Divinity: Original Sin releases Enhanced Version

Divinity: Original Sin, a PC game that was released last year, has been announced to have ports coming to both the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. It’ll be an overhauled version of the original and what’s more, it’s also coming to PC!   Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition will be… read more »

My friend bought a gaming PC last year and until two days ago unbeknownst to her she was using integrated graphics instead of her discreet graphics the ENTIRE TIME. 

We had a good laugh to be sure!



There is a combat tree in Shrek Super Slam...


Someone, some dev team, really liked Power Stone and Smash Bros, got together and made a really deep combat engine for a game.

Then thought, sure let’s throw Shrek on it.

Holy cow.

Also (I’m playing this on my PC) for being a 10 year old game, it fully compatible with the 360 controller.

Again, HOLY COW.

Hack, Slash & Port: Samurai Warriors 4-II Announced

Japanese publishers Koei Tecmo have been pretty good about releasing PC versions of their games in recent years, though their ports can leave something to be desired. Still, good on ‘em, and I’m glad to see Samurai Warriors 4-II [official site] is coming our way too.

Today they announced a western release for the latest in the semi-historical fantasy hack ‘n’ slash series, which is due a release via Steam on October 2nd. Expect more people in ridiculous costumes cutting through dozens of footsoldiers with one swipe, which is exactly what you’d want from a Warriors game.

… [visit site to read more]

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Final Fantasy 10 will be on Windows 10

Final Fantasy Agito, the free-to-play smartphone game with a story that features the history of Final Fantasy Type-0 will release for Windows 10, Square Enix announced today at de:code 2015 event.

There’s still no word as far as when it will release, but Square Enix plan to release the PC version of the game sometime this year.

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For starters, here’s a trailer in last year’s Jump…

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Honestly if you haven't played dishonored you've gotta try it, it was so good in both gameplay and story

I do have the game of the year edition on pc, but I’ve only played a few minutes (I woke up in a prision and stole a key but that’s when I stopped)

I haven’t played it since August because my gamepad stopped working. But from what I’ve seen it looks pretty good

Sr. Tech Correspondent and proprietor of PixelRated.com Marty Hess talks with the Morning AMp about Uber’s legal battles around accessibility for the disabled and reviews of Destiny: House of Wolves (Xbox 360/Xbox One, PS3/PS4),
and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Xbox One, PS4, PC) which Marty says is his Game of the Year for 2015 so far.

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