Transcendence Phase 3 is Here! And The Thrilling Halloween Celebration Continues at Elsword!

By GM Amelia 

Hiya adventurers! Halloween is only just a few days away! Why aren’t you excited yet? The dead will rise from their graves to mingle with the living, and who doesn’t find that exciting? The Halloween celebration continues in Elrios which means you can still beat up some dancing zombie horde, have a thriller night, and party till you drop dead with Dancing King Mike! Just be careful not to turn into one of them, or if that’s your thing then go for it!

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Despoiler is a fast paced Unreal Engine 4 Powered team objective arena racer that plays like a blend of Twisted Metal and a MOBA, with two teams of five doing battle, collecting scrap, unlocking upgrades and attempting to destroy the oppositions base.

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