pc: montreal

  • Toronto: Okay, Calgary, to be considered accepted to the big city club you need to have a traumatizing natural disaster in childhood, preferably a fire.
  • Vancouver: [doesnt even look up from phone] great fire of vancouver
  • Montreal: hahahaha Where do I sTart-?
  • Toronto: and I had THE BURNING OF YORK [pained silence]
  • [they all look expectantly]
  • Calgary: well in the winter of 1906-7 the chinook didn't come at all that year and all the cattle died so the spring after was called "The Big Stink".
  • Big 3: ...
  • Calgary: oh you know what haha I just remembered there was a fire that wiped out $100,000 of uninsured assets exactly 20 years prior hey can we start this interview over
Monmongary Week: July 16-22

Due to a High Demand of like 3-5 people I with the power invested in me as The Official Conduit of the Ship Or Something declare the coming week of July 16-22 as Monmongary Week for some reason.

What is 

Once upon a time there was me, and back in like 2010 when I was on the verge of graduating high school in subrural Alberta I made OCs for the nearest urban population centres of importance, Edmonton and Calgary. These OCs have been in development for like over half a decade now and they’re very near and dear to my heart and you’re probably sick of me talking about them. 2010 me decreed for some childish reason Not to Ship Her Characters which of course made everyone ship her characters so around 2014 Hapo decided to Chill and Enjoy and Maybe Get Too Invested in the following stories

Once upon a time elsewhere across the country, one Windex Pasta Feta ( @randomoranges ) upon realizing that city ocs were popping up after some project revival thing decided to pull her garbage son Montreal from the trash where he was born to share with everyone in case someone else did it Wrong.

Once upon a time far closer to home, Edmonton resident Macher of Quatsch ( @quatschmachen ) after some particularly enticing creations by a Cowtown Coconut shipping both the Edgary and the Monmonton decided to bridge the gaps and start writing erotica for some reason because apparently that’s what you do when you are a grad student trying not to throw your suitcase full of library books out the window. 

The trio now takes turns thinking up angst between these three characters for some reason because we keep stumbling across songs or facts or weird ideas involving them just because we talk a lot for some reason and like causing each other pain. Apparently other people take delight in this as well. So Come on down, Other People! Have some fun.

How do

- Create a Thing about either the Edgary, the Monmonton, or even the Mongary or the Monmongary. It can be an art, it can be a story, it can be whatever you want it to be.

- It can be sfw or nsfw but if it is nsfw please tag it so we don’t get in trouble at work or we dont scar hapo for life before she’s had time to mentally prepare.

- Tag it as #monmongaryweek so we can all share

- Have a fun time, be nice, no need to be hatin’ on ships you don’t like or whatever. 

- Feel free to ask us any questions about the kids, we are all very open to that. Or you can just ask me and I’ll put all our answers in one place so you get a variety of perspectives or something.


Reference for Ed | Reference for Cal | Reference for Et and Et’s Tattoos

Quatschfic Masterpost | Pastafic Masterpost

HOT TIP: if you are a filthy mono-anglo like quatsch and i and you need help with your franch, pasta is a Certified Franco ™ and would love to help you.

Go Forth And Do the Thing

Quick Ét comic based off of a convo I had with @allbeendonebefore

She was telling me all about Montreal and I was asking about if I would like the city

She told me that it was very steep/hilly in a lot of places and that you had to be extra careful to watch out for ice patches. Which lead to this idea XD

Montreal OC belongs to the lovely and talented @randomoranges


that new new

vid by @sayknowmore

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ya got me there bud - more of the poly soul mate au porfavor

As their long night came to an end the two had had a magical evening being absolutely stunned by their new friend

“Well this has been a lovely evening” Ed said, checking the time “but I’m afraid we should turn in, we wanted to get in a few museums before the Habs game tomorrow” and at that Ét’s smile grew three sizes “You really are trying to seduce me, aren’t you Edward? He teased at that

“What?” Ed asked red in the face that Ét thought he could seduce someone like him; Étienne chuckled “it’s nothing, you wouldn’t happen to need a tour guide with you, would you?” “Well…” Ed looked at Cal, this was supposed to be their romantic getaway as an anniversary present, while a part of him wanted to spend his time holding hands and kissing Cal, another part found himself very intrigued with this man who seemed so foreign to them, Cal seemed to be having similar thoughts as he smiled “does a cow shit in a pasture? Of course we’d love you to come with us!” He said excitedly

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oh shoot and here is your Obligatory Wild Card Write What Your Heart Desires

because of reasons - Amnesia au

Part 16

“So, what have you been up to?” Étienne asked over his grilled sandwich of brie, green apples and walnuts; so far, their little lunch had been quite pleasant – Edward had been pleasantly surprised by the ease in their conversation and how nice it was to chat with Étienne; it was as if a part of him had missed this easy friendship and even though Edward knew he had had to take his distances for his own good, he was glad he had accepted the invitation.

“Oh, well, you know, the usual – work, leisure activities…” He hesitated, before continuing, “I, eum, I started seeing someone,” And Edward wasn’t really sure why he had told Étienne this, but he didn’t want Étienne to get a wrong reading of what this was – to get his hopes up for nothing; Edward was happy with Christopher, even if as of late he had been questioning their relationship and maybe this was why he had accepted Étienne’s invite, but he wasn’t ready to jump back to what they had been before the accident, and Étienne needed to know that; there was a flicker of emotion that ran in Étienne’s eyes, but as quickly as Edward noticed it, it was gone and Étienne’s previous calm expression had returned, “What about you?” He asked.

“More of the same, lot’s of physical therapy for the leg,” At that he sighed and grimaced, “The doctors don’t want to amputate because the leg is “still good” but what good is a leg if I’m always in pain and need these crutches all the time,” He pointed at the walking boot he had and the crutches that were leaning against the nearby wall, “I’ve already had three surgeries and it’s still the same, so I’m waiting for them to okay the amputation,” Again, he made a face, but then went on, “Other than that, I’m not seeing anyone, I guess despite everything, my heart still beats for you, but I’ll take what I can and if it’s being friends, then so be it,” He smiled and if it seemed a little sad around the edges, Edward didn’t notice, “I really missed you, Ed,” Étienne added, softly and Edward had to admit that he had somehow missed Étienne as well, even if he hadn’t been sure what it was he had missed.



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It is I, your number one fan, demanding more tutoring au!

As the man sped off on his motorcycle Et turned to look at his brother.

“ok punk spill, you don’t really need a tutor do you?” Et said, not letting Jacques get away with it, “why would you want him to come over if you don’t need his help?”

Jacques smiled widely at that; “why wouldn’t I want to spend time with him, I mean you saw him without his glasses on, and his leather jacket” he hummed

Tutor Au Part 6

[part 5][part 7]

So Leonard Cohen has come up four times on cbc radio 3 and to protect myself from his gravelly voice i’m posting the thing i wrote this morning without prompting



“I need some advice,” Etienne poured extra coarse demerara sugar into his coffee except the sugar just sort of sat on the surface tension of the foam and liquid and wasn’t that just a Swell metaphor for his life, “I am losing control of my life but more." 

 Leonard looked up from the song he was writing on the paper napkin and said in his low and monotone yet iconic voice that sounded just like rocks slowly being pushed across a flat prairie road by a bulldozer "Have you tried singing about it, Etienne?" 

 Etienne ignored him having realized that the sugar wouldn’t dissolve until he actually physically stirred it into the beverage - the newfound agency he felt upon lifting the spoon distracted him completely from even singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen, and he breathed out a single word in excitement as he took his life into his own hands, "Hallelujah.”