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To discover the end, a journey must start at the beginning… and boy howdy do I have a lot of questions!


Blade Strangers’s Switch boxart ⊟ 

This fighting game keeps looking better and better, the more I see of it? Check out this GIF of Umihara Kawase’s heroine dropping a giant tadpole on Code of Princess’s Solange, from this Twitch stream:

Nicalis will release this Studio Saizansen-developed game for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in Q4 this year.

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Little stab not knowing how hardcore they’re going to be when they grow up. Big stab wishing they didn’t remember how callous they were when they were little.

Absolutely had to draw King Chara with a zweihänder after these two asks. I imagine they’d normally use a bright red summon sword instead, just like their dad, but they definitely have an overly bejeweled one lying around too, just in case they want to push the “fancy” aspect instead of the “about to make you four limbs lighter” aesthetic.

  • MC: Is there a word between “sad” and “mad”?
  • Smart Twin: Malcontented, disgruntled, miserable, desolated.
  • Party Twin: Smad.
Madness of the Wendigo: A spooky encounter I’m planning for Halloween

This encounter takes place over the course of several nights, and suddenly ends if the beast isn’t killed. You may combine the events of different nights together if time permits, and replace the orcs with whatever neutral faction might better fit into your campaign. Populate the game with other events and introduce wendigo encounters when you feel the players are at ease, as long as it’s nighttime.

Feedback and commentary welcome! What game are you planning for Halloween? 

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