pc pizza

  • Vivienne: I hear you like tiny cakes, dear.
  • Assan: Maybe…why?
  • Vivienne: I also heard of that nosy little weasel and his very long journey back home to Orlais, I was wondering how to properly show my thanks.
  • Assan: Ah, so you’re the one he was after. Good to know, but yes. I love petite fours, my favorite so far are the deep mushroom and anise. Can’t get them through my lines though.
  • Vivienne: That’s dreadful.
  • Assan: Isn’t it? I could get a stock of poison as if it was just laying in the street, but Maker forbid I find gold-dusted-”
  • Vivienne: My dear, no. I will send you something new to try, perhaps we can still salvage your tastebuds.