pc pizza


EMBY (pignite, lvl. 35)
MONOGON (yamask, lvl 25)
MIXTAPE (audino, lvl 21)
POLLY (venipede, lvl. 20)
SODA POP (solosis, lvl. 19)
PEBBLE (roggenrola, lvl 16)

in pc:
PIZZA ROLL (darumaka, lvl 15)
MISTAKE (tympole, lvl. 12)

xCREAMPUFF (munna, lvl. 27, died battling gym leader elena)
xDAYDREAM (pansage, lvl. 20, died in a trainer battle in the desert resort)
xJELLY BEAN (tranquill, lvl 21, died battling cheren on route 4)
xTOMATHON (patrat, lvl. 11, died in trainer battle on route 3)
xLOLLIPUP (lillipup, lvl. 7, died in wild popkemon battle on route 2)

badges: 4

The Gaming Night Fanfic Part One

~The first part is pretty innocent. I´m using it to set the Scene and to give you a feeling for my style of writing. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy it. I see you tomorrow for part two (I promise it gets a lot more smutty)~

You are running down the Station, pushing yourself through the big crowd of people that are on their way home. You speed up as you hear the tube arriving. You can´t muss that tube, or you are going to be incredibly late und you´ve been waiting all week for this evening. You and Dan have been friends for a while now but never got to spend actual qualitiy time together. But since Phil is up North to visit his parents Dan asked you to come to their Apartment and hang out. You two planned a whole evening of playing Video games, eating Pizza and drinking Cocktails you are going to mix yourselves. You reach the tube as the doors start to close and manage to swoop in. Relieved you sit down, put your headphones in and listen to your favorite band. You start thinking about the upcoming evening. You definitley want to play Mario Kart against Dan again, cause the last time you playes he threw a blue shell at you seconds before the finish line, causing you to derail yourself and ending in him overtaking you and winning. Today you are going to take revenge on that. You close your eyes focusing an the music and the lyrics, but somehow your thoughts always wander back to Dan ans his warm brown eyes, his smile and the calm sound of his voice. Lately you find yourself quite often thinking about him in a way that has definitely nothing to do with friendship, but you immediately repress them. You value your friendship withhim way too much. Acting in these feelings would only make things awkward between the two of you or maybe even destroy your friendship when he inevitybly has to turn you down, cause let´s be honest, he is way out of your league.

A few minutes later you arrive at his and Phils Apartment. You ring the door, but nobody opens. Maybe he has forgotten about your plans tonight and went out with some friends. You think about calling him, but if he really has forgotten about it, it would be a pretty awkward conversation, so you just decide to leave and text him the next day. as you sadly turn around you hear someone shouting your Name from across the street. It´s Dan with two big bags from Tesco in his hand.

“Y/N! I´m so sorry I am late. i was browsing through tumblr and completely forgot about the time and since wh literraly didn´t habe anything edible in our fridge I just ran over to Tescos. Plus I got us everything we need to make Margaritas!” He smiles and nods proudly, his lips doing that little pout that make your knees feel weak. He looks so genuinely proud of himself that you just have to start smiling too. He opens the door and you follow him into the kitchen to help him put all the things in the fridge.

“Ok, wow this fridge ist really empty. I thought you were exaggerating, but there is literally nothing inside other than light and a carton of milk. This is out of date by the way.” You both start laughing and joke around for another five minutes while unpacking both bags. as he puts the last item in the fridge Dan turns towards you, grabbing your hand pulling you out of the kitchen. “Let´s geht this Party started! I set up the Lounge to a gaming area! I even crafted us a leader board, like the one Phil and I have on our gamming channel, so we can keep track of our score tonight. The looser has to pay for the Pizza.” You smile about his excitement, following him into the Lounge. He pushes you through the door, pointing at the Sofa and the TV. He set up every gaming console they have, sorted out every game the owned in matching piles. In front of the Sofa he had literally laid down every pillow and blanket the had, so you two can sit comfortable in front of the TV with your backs leaning against the Sofa while playing.

“Wow, ok wow…” You don´t quite know what to say, you are immensely suprised and impressed by the effort he put in to make the Lounge perfect for your gaming night. As you stare at his work you slowly start realizing that he´s still holding your hand and your heart starts racing. You feel your cheeks getting warm and your tummy aching. Before you know it he strengthens his grip around your hand, drawing you to the big pile of pillows. “Come on sit down. You want to order Pizza now or later?” he asks looking into your eyes. You spill out some words that don´t make any sense. He starts to laugh about your effort to build an actual sentence. “Are you okay there? Did you secretly already have a sip the Tequila I bought?” he giggles. You cannot help but to start giggling too. You shake your head, saying “No, I´m just so amazed by the effort you put into this! It´s amazing. But yeah, Pizza sounds great. i am quite hungry already.” So you both sit down in front of his pc and start ordering Pizza. After a quick discussion you agree to order some fries and Nuggets too. It is going to be way too much to eat for the two of you, but you guess it is just part of the gaming night to otder horrednous amounts of food. While you are waiting for your Pizza to arrive you start arguing about what game to play first.

“I want to start with Mario Kart,” you say giggling, “I still have unfinished from the last time we played! I´m going to get my revenge tonight!” you say sounding confindent. Dan laughs and agrees. He passes you the Controller. “As I knew you would suggest this, I already started the game.” He turns on the TV and reveals that he has actually already started the game. You both chose your cars and start the game. It is really intense, you both go through a lot of emotions while playing, having terrible banter and laugh so hard, that tears stream down your face. You try to wipe them away, which causes you to miss a jump, giving Dan the chance to overtake you. “Not this time, you Motherfluffer!” you shout, pressing the buttons on your controller harder, Tackling him with your shoulder so he looses focus. He starts to laugh even harder, showing how deep his dimples really are.

In this exact moment the doorbell rings. Your Pizza has arrived. You both lok at each other, your eyes widened in excitement. “PIZZA!”, you both scream simultaneously, which causes you to start laughing again. Dan jumps up and hurries down the hall to answer the door. A few moment later you hear him coming back up the stairs and before you even see him, you can smell the scent of the Pizza an it smells amazing. Dan comes back into the Lounge dancing and freestyle rapping about Pizza. “You giant dork,” you cry laugh “better give me my Pizza quick. I´m starving!”

You both eat your Pizza, talking and joking around. You feel so comfortable around him. Ever since you met him, it has been so so easy to talk to him about everything and nothing. Sometime he just calls you at random times at night, when you both can´t sleep and you just talk for hours. You love those rare nights, but actually sitting with him in this Lounge, talking to him face to face is so much better. As you finish your Pizza Dan claps his hands saying “Ok, another round of Mario Kart. The last race clearly wasn´t fair, you completely distracted me and even tackled me! So…all or nothing. Final race!”

“All or nothing? That is such a Phil-Thing to say! But ok, I feel quite confindent today. I think I can take you down one more time.” You say in a condescending voice while doing wild gestures with your hands. “Ok, I´m going to take this incredibly serious. no fooling around, no unfair tackling from the side.” he says in a deep voice, looking you serously in the eyes. You nod along and then offer him to shake your hand. “All or nothing, may the best Player win.”

“Which is definitely going to be me.” he says sounding confindent. He sets up the options for another race and as soon as the countdown appears you both start focusing on the screen. Two seconds into the game you both loose it, start to scream and laugh and are back to tackling each other. You are not quite sure how you did it, but you manage to fire a Shell at Dan meters before the finishing line and you actually win this round. You jump up, dancing through the Lounge, shouting “I won! I won!” over and over again. Dan just sits in the big pile of pillows, shaking his head, unable to belief you actually bet him on Mario Kart. He then gets up, waving his hands in defeat. “Ok, you won, not entirely fair, but ok. We have a whole night of gaming ahead of us, I can easily bring this back. But first, a round of Margaritas.” He proceeds to got the kitchen to start mixing the Drinks, but before he reaches the door, you stop him. “Woh, slow down. Haven´t you forgotten something important?” you ask with a cheeky smile on your face. Dan slowly turns around, again waving his arms. “Fine you got me. Let´s crown the winner.” He walks over to the leader board and wildly places your Mario Kart Batch on your side of the board. You go over to him tp pet his back. “Oh, poor Dan. First game in and you´re already defeated.” you say jokingly. “Defeated? You won one ridiculous game! We still have the whole night ahead of us!” he says while grabbing your hand again, pulling you into the kitchen to mix the promised Margaritas.