pc noakes

So imagine, BBC did a Call the Midwife Strictly Come Dancing special with all the CTM couples and the voice over reads all their names out and they come down the steps together with swinging 60’s music in the back ground, so Dr Turner and Shelagh, Fred and Violet Buckle, Tom and Babs and Chummy and PC Noakes. And then the voice over adds the line of and ‘and finally Poplars hidden relationship, Patsy and Delia’ and they come running down the stairs together in the dresses they wore at the square dance and all the other couples kinda shake their heads and look confused while Patsy and Delia are giggling telling people to be shhhh as the other acts technically don’t know about them… Then you could imagine it skipping to one of their practice sessions and it’s just them casually drinking ‘bournvita with a tot of Johnny walker’ with like the tiniest bit of waltzing around occasionally and then it skipping to Patric and Shelagh working their butts off on a routine followed by chummy and Peter treading all over each other having aright laugh and Fred and Violet working away at a jive then switching back to Pats and Dels still casually drinking their Bournvita! *Credit to blackdistraction who’s painting it is - although I never claimed credits to the picture*