pc headset

honestly every homestuck character should be into video games in a humanstuck au because the entire premise of homestuck is kids playing a game together i mean i think only equius initially didnt want to

its like a matter of what type of games they like and how hardcore they are with vriska being the most hardcore built her own pc has a 100$ headset and feferi being an iphone-gamer and plays candycrush and battlecats

Man your BattleStations!

Raidmax Blade Tower 
Processor: Intel Quad Core (i5-2500)
Memory: 8GB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST
Keyboard: Logitech K120
Mouse: Azio Levetron GM-2000

Joystick: MADCATZ Fightstick Pro (PS3/PC)

Headset: Skullcandy SLYR

Monitor/Tv: Element 21” LCD HDTV

and a Playstation 4 for that console life
(True Gamers play all platforms)

I usually get down on Battlefield and Street Fighter