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2017 monthly desktop wallpapers (in black)

A while ago I saw a few studyblrs using their computer backgrounds as a to-do list and calendar, so this inspired me to make my own version. After such positive feedback from my Instagram followers I have decided to share them with you! Each month is available to download as a JPEG file from the link below.

Folder of 2017 desktop JPEGs on Google Drive

Once they’re downloaded, head to your control panel (PC) or system preferences (mac) to change your desktop background. 

I hope you enjoy using these and if so, I’d love to see them in action! Feel free to tag me (#emmastudies) in any photos you upload. If there are any problems or errors, please let me know via my inbox.

Disclaimer: This background is for personal use only. The fonts used are not distributed via these downloads. You will not have access to use them from any of these files. They must be downloaded yourself. You can find the month header here.

[Update: I have created a white background version which you can download here]


Wallpaper Engine

PC app by Kristjan Skutta lets you display and create live 3D wallpapers on your computer desktop (as well as GIFs and WebM videos):

Wallpaper Engine allows you to use stunning live wallpapers on your Windows PC. You will be able to create your own or download them from Steam Workshop.

* Create 3D and 2D wallpapers by importing models and images.
* Build wallpapers using HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL.
* Create wallpapers based on Unity or UE4.
* Share your creations on Steam Workshop. Either for free or at a price of your choice.
* Save power and performance by pausing or unloading your wallpaper when, for example, another application becomes full screen or is maximized.
* Select different wallpapers for each monitor or stretch a single one across them.
* Does not require Steam to be running all the time. 

More Here

Yay, Omori is still coming ⊟ 

Whenever I neglect to check in on a kickstarted game for a year or two, I just presume the project died on the way back to its home planet. I thought that was the case with this “surreal, exploration, horror RPG” from Omocat, but nope! Despite a tough year for the team and another delay, development on Omori continues – we even have a new trailer for the Windows/Mac/3DS game:

You can read about Omori’s progress and the team’s challenges here.