pc games in the early 90s

for some reason th design of a lot of th new gems felt very. like

pajama sam-y??? god i dont know how to describe it


esp zircon and th rutile twins they were givin me so many vibes

like not bad vibes!!! just like. ‘wow they would fit in very well with late 90s/early 2000s childrens PC games’ vibes

idk if its just their faces or expressions or????????


Excerpts from the manual for PIGS, a graphic software used by Konami in the early 90s. This is the manual for the X68000 version but there was also a PC-98 version. The game pictured above is Pop’n Twinbee, a Super Famicom game released in March 1993.

Courtesy of former Konami graphic designer Hiroyuki Maeda:

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Is that a floppy drive???

On the computer behind me? I’m glad you asked! Yes, and no. That’s a computer I helped my friend Aaron build. It was a wild undertaking because basically we shoved the guts of his gaming PC into a case we found in my garage that my dad had during the late ‘90s/early 2000s. We installed Liquid Cooling and the whole rig is honestly an abomination that has cursed my housed w/r/t technology ever since. 

we had to take out the actual floppy drive to make room for everything.. there was barely enough room for all the parts as it was. But the floppy drive opening remains and I think its an integral feature of the case. 

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What was your favorite game as a child?

Wow - this is going a long way back for me! My Dad got me a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) when I was young so I grew up playing Sonic the Hedgehog in thr early 90’s. I loved Streets of Rage too. Moving on I went onto Tomb Raider on PC which, as a kids who loved Egypt was just awesome. A brief stint onto Sega Saturn (😔). Onto PlayStation, loved Wip3out, Tekken and Final Fantasy 8 (lost weeks of my life!) By PS2 territory I was still firmly in Final Fantasy land with 10, Jak and Daxter, LOVED SSX (always wanted to try snowboarding), Devil May Cry, Prince if Persia, Soul Calibur, an awesome game (imo) called SOS The Final Escape over here which leads me on to more recent times with more of the same, DMC, Uncharted, Dragon Age… Sorry this is like my gaming history 😕 which unfortunately goes a long way! 😁

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Where does ZUN draws his fashion sense for some of the designs of the girls? Dresses such as Cirno and even Doremy in LoLK s even too are wonderfully old and frilly. Very girlish. Even the acots speak volumes of a simpler time even the shawl-like things Renko and Yumemi wear. I was wondering if you'd have any insight...

Hello Anon!

This is a rather broad questions, so I have been unsure exactly how to tackle it. As you know, too, Touhou is turning 20 next year, which also makes for a whole lot of characters to cover! In the end, I decided to try and compile some of the things I imagine have been influential to the fashion choices in Touhou Project overall. Now, a lot of these are already rather widely known topics, but I’ve tried to delve a little bit on them to see where that’d get me. 

Also as a disclaimer I’d like to mention I was 4 years old when ZUN first started working on HRtP so I don’t really have any personal references to what might have influenced him during his youth in terms of pop culture, and second I’m not an expert on fashion history either. It’s something that interests me quite a lot but really nothing beyond that.

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